A QUIET PLACE Movie Review

A QUIET PLACE Movie Review

Cast: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski
Director: John Krasinski
Story: Bryan Woods, Scott Beck
Screenplay: Bryan Woods, Scott Beck, John Krasinski
Producers: Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller
Production company: Sunday Night, Platinum Dunes
Music director: Marco Beltrami
Cinematographer: Charlotte Bruus Christensen
Editor: Christopher Tellefsen
Language: English
Release date: 06-04-2018
Censor certificate: A
Run time: 1hr, 35mins
Genre: Horror, Thriller


In 2020, a specific place is surround by brutal creatures which attack humans when they hear a voice out. How John Krasinski, his wife Emily Blunt and their kids experience the happenings forms the crux of the story.


Team needs some serious guts to create an experimental concept like this, ‘A Silent Horror Film’. Script is so refreshing and unique serving the audience tastes. Screenplay doesn’t even have a breathing space; the flow is bundled with watertight elements appearing back to back. Direction is truly exceptional, John Krasinski delivers a masterpiece in the genre. The connection arises from the opening frame itself, silence stands as the main reason for it. In the proceeding, the emotion bond between the family is carried over. The intensity level peaks scene after scene as the sequences are extremely terrifying and unique. Paper work is superb strong, and the amazing writing is implemented in a mesmerizing way during the film making process. Plenty of nuances exist, hence the watch becomes gripping and grabs the attention. John Krasinski’s acting is impressive as a responsible father. Emily Blunt transforms a wonderful performance on screen. The kids have also done a neat job. Marco Beltrami’s background music is very pure and easily elevates the quality of the visual form. Cinematography is great, and the camera man has provided exactly what the film demands. Christopher Tellefsen’s editing is crisp, cuts he has provided are sharp and tightens up the screw. With a limited budget, VFX used to showcase the monstrous creature works perfectly. Sound effects are topical as it scares the viewers to the extreme craze level. Dialogues are restricted with a solid reason, and the explanation for the louder sound idea is sensible. Situations are powerful and help for a brisk watch. Realistic feel is present till the end, which adds more value. Climax is just brilliant; the way things end deserves a heavy scream.


Much more detailing could’ve been given about the creatures, at least in the ending to sum up a background. It could’ve been a beauty if the director would have conveyed American Sign Language without playing English subtitles for the sake of audience to understand it. At the beginning, the timeline run did not have a proper justification. Finishing point is quiet cinematic just to close with a bang.

TO CONCLUDE – A mind blowing seat edge horrifying experience, literally watch it through your fingers.

Movie Rating – 3.75/ 5.

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