Cast: Tom Cruise
Direction: Doug Liman
Screenplay: Gary Spinelli
Producers: Brian Grazer, Brian Oliver
Banner: Cross Creek Pictures
Distribution: Universal Pictures
Music director: Christophe Beck
Cinematographer: Cesar Charlone
Editors: Saar Klein, Andrew Mondshein, Dylan Tichenor
Language: English
Release date: 29-09-2017
Censor certificate: A
Run time: 1hr, 55mins
Genre: Drama


Tom Cruise plays the role of Barry Seal who is flight pilot cum a transporter who distributes drugs around South America in the late 70s. Film speaks about his real life story.


Tom Cruise has done a superb job throughout the movie, he fits in perfectly with apt costumes, hair-style and look. Script is good and the incidents are decent enough to convert as a feature film. Doug Liman’s direction is fine, he has delivered what the papers had. Dialogues are natural with no compromises. Christophe Beck’s background music merges with the flow as it is hard to listen to it separately. Cesar Charlone’s cinematography style is the best part of the film, he has given the real 70s flavour into the frame. Editors have also done a neat job to make it look convincing and real. 3-4 sequences are intense in the later half which offered some engagement to the viewers. How the drug transport took place in olden times were shown in a superb manner. Art direction is fabulous and the financiers play a big part in that. Climax is quite satisfactory with a correctly timed ending.


Gary Spinelli’s screenplay is weak and fails to hold the audience without any sort of slick paper work. Being a real life story, it is just raw and it doesn’t really suit Tom Cruise’s path. Also a movie should engage with interesting/ comedy stuff, missing both side leads to a huge disconnect. Except Tom Cruise, no other characters have importance or anything to provide the impact, and that put the momentum of the movie in stake. The core and sub-plots are short, and the detailing given are also fresh, hence the film feels so long to complete. There is a vital question which got left over without a proper answer.


Tom Cruise kicks some ass in this fairly engaging real-life drama which could’ve had an interesting flow.

Movie Rating – 2.5/ 5.

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