ARAMM Movie Review

ARAMM Movie Review

Cast: Nayanthara
Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: Gopi Nainar
Producer: Kotapadi.J.Rajesh
Production company: KJR Studios
Music director: Ghibran
Cinematographer: Om Prakash
Editor: Ruben
Language: Tamil
Release date: 10-11-2017
Censor certificate: U
Run time: 2hrs
Genre: Drama


Nayanthara is a service minded district collector. A village under her circle suffers from the basic need of water even for drinking. There happens a major accidental issue for an innocent girl from a poor family in that village due to the lack in care by the Government. What happens after Nayanthara heads out to solve this problem forms the remaining story.


The plot which director Gopi Nainar has chosen to do is a pleasant surprise and damn new to Tamil Cinema. He has written a wonderful screenplay to the core story with relevant sub-plots. His direction is great, even a highly crowded scene has come out perfectly & the way he has carried his script is so raw and real. His dialogues are in a different league, the ones linked to the public are extremely bold and thus bags huge applause. Nayanthara has to be appreciated for taking up this role and her performance is neat as always. With her tidy make-up and apt costumes, she looks beautiful. Each and every single supporting actor, even atmosphere artists have lived in their roles which helps out to create a strong impact. All the side characters are very strong and it stands as the backbone of the film. Ghibran’s songs creates a magic along with the montages. His background score is extraordinary, he easily tenses up a solid situation. Om Prakash’s camera work is spectacular and its his career best, the top angle shots & lighting used for the night time are amusing. Ruben’s editing is good too, he has done the honors by understanding the product’s quality. The facts conveyed bangs on our face with sharp writing. Spraying various messages by taking one serious social issue as the core is a clever move, certain topics discussed are also vital. Emotions are handled nicely from the start to end, sure that they’ll hit every single audience. How Government authorities and politicians will react to a villager’s major problem is openly shown. The best about here is being raw and thoroughly engaging at the same time. Even the end credits has lot of value.


The film stays to pick up initially due to some monotonous pace. The narration takes time to settle down for a viewer to attach himself with the screen. And yes there are also few sluggish moments where the movie sticks at a spot especially for some period after the interval. Parents coming up voluntarily to risk their children to save a life is a cliched statement. A television debate which is parallel to the happening issue doesn’t gel with the core, too much of it in the second half bore us out. A crucial pre-climax sequence which needs to be showed clearly is kind of cut-shortened. There are couple of questions left over without a proper answer or justification. The closing conversation at the end between Nayan and her superior officer needed a much more clear picture. Nayanthara’s characterization could’ve been even more stronger, not mentioning her family background in the movie takes the back seat.


An untouched plot executed with utmost passion.

Movie Rating – 3/ 5.

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