ARUVI Movie Review

ARUVI Movie Review

Cast: Aditi Balan
Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: Arun Prabhu Purushothaman
Producers: S.R.Prakashbabu, S.R.Prabhu
Production company: Dream Warrior Pictures
Music directors: Bindhu Malini, Vedanth Bharadwaj
Cinematographer: Shelley Calist
Editor: Raymond Derrick Crasta
Language: Tamil
Release date: 15-12-2017
Censor certificate: UA
Run time: 2hrs, 21mins
Genre: Drama


Aditi Balan is an innocent family girl who’s studying in a college. One day she participates in a reality show of a local TV channel saying that three men raped her. What happens in the show and in her life after that forms the crux of the story.


Hands down to Arun Prabhu Purushothaman for taking up such a serious issue in his first movie. His direction is skillful, he has shown certain complex stuff in a tricky way. His story is the hero of the film, the core plot drives the movie very well. His screenplay is outstanding, in fact a reality show scene runs nearly for a hour, but he has induced so much substance into it. There are countless number intense moments and emotional sequences which carries a perfect engagement. Dialogues hit the bulls-eye, questions every single human being’s life and various social facts are also discussed. Heroine Aditi Balan has literally lived in the character of ‘Aruvi’, she has smashed almost every scene in the progression. Child artist in the title role also played well. Lakshmi Gopalswami leaves out a matured performance as a reality show host. All other supporting artists are new faces, each and every single actor have given their best. The twist in the tale portion where she reveals the truth is extremely shocking and the content they continue to talk is sure to create a debate among the public. Heroine’s problem is shown in a very natural way without compromising anything, so the impact it gives is huge. Emotions are handled beautifully, and sequences connecting a pre-conveyed dialogue with the present happening is absolutely brilliant. How the concerned people will react for a hot issue is perfectly screened. Messages told are very much needed to the society, delivering them with a TV reality show without preaching at any part is a superb smart decision. Every second is simmered to reality, but the beauty is it will easily connect with all sort of audience. Claps, whistles and laughs can be heard in a bunch of places during the watch. Climax is so heart-touching especially ladies will just love it. Background music is fabulous, silently left over areas builds up the pressure. Editing is also good, cuts used to show the flashbacks are impressive.


Initially 30mins was taken to establish the main character and her family side. Also there are back to back three songs coming up in quick succession, one or two could’ve been avoided. Previous happenings in the TV reality show was shown just to prove a point about the society, it felt like a force fit addition. All the songs are montages, but not satisfying and doesn’t stay in the mind. Camera work is not convincing as there are shakes and blur in some shots, also the picture quality is average throughout. Post interval, story settles at one place for some time and travels little slowly. The police angle is uninteresting since we know what’s going on out there.


A soulful hard-hitting life drama delivered in a gripping manner, don’t miss it.

Movie Rating – 3.5/ 5.

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