AVAL Movie Review

AVAL Movie Review

Cast: Siddharth, Andrea
Director: Milind Rau
Story, screenplay & dialogues: Milind Rau, Siddharth
Producer: Siddharth
Production company: Etaki Entertainment
Music director: Girishh
Cinematographer: Shreyaas Krishna
Editor: Lawrence Kishore
Language: Tamil
Release date: 03-11-2017
Censor certificate: A
Run time: 2hrs, 15mins
Genre: Horror, Thriller


Siddharth and Andrea are newly married couple who live in a hill station. There is a big house next to their residence in which Atul Kulkarni and his family comes to live. But after few days, a series of strange incidents happen there. And yes of course it is the ghost. What is its backstory and how the problem is solved forms the remaining story.


Girl artist who’s in the character name of ‘Jennifer’ is just perfect with her performance and hardcore expressions. Siddharth underplays till the end and gets some scope to act in the climax. Andrea has done her part nicely and gets good importance too. Atul Kulkarni and rest of his family members in the film have all got a decent share of supporting roles, and they’ve given their best. Director Milind Rau’s intention is appreciable, feel of watching a full-fledged horror thriller hits right. Script is not so fresh but definitely well enough to create a quality product. Flashback is skillful, Chinese backdrop brings in the uniqueness. Girishh Gopalakrishnan’s background music acts as the pillar of strength to the important situations. Also the opening romantic number is pleasant. Shreyaas Krishna’s cinematography is great, his camera angles makes a tension in the pace. Art work in the interiors is fine, also the set work looks real. One jump scare scene in the first half is terrific. The flow in the initial stage is engaging, with few interesting moments down the line. Hypnotherapy sequences show up some maturity and have come out well. Chemistry between the lead pair clicks.


Milind Rau and Siddharth’s screenplay writing is the let down, same success formula is followed but unfortunately the treatment fails. The film is not highly boring, but the issue is the lack of interest it creates over the period. Many portions tends to be scary, but sadly there’s hardly isn’t much of spine chilling moments to roll over. Execution level is just flat for the master, hence none of the sequences creates an impact inside. There are these cinematic horror films which cross the logic boundaries, but this one looking like a realistic piece misses to hold up to the reality especially towards the end. Leaving out partial scenes from the Chinese flashback in the opening is a monotonous attempt. The suspense factor is predictable after a point, unluckily before it gets revealed on screen. The vital interval sequence could’ve been taken in a lot more better manner, it also has few ‘Conjuring’ reference. 137mins duration is quite high for this film as it really gives a long-drawn out feeling beyond a point, editor Lawrence Kishore could’ve worked accordingly. VFX and make-up are somewhat bad which also increases the artificial box. Hospital portions towards the end is poorly taken, both Siddharth and Andrea experience the presence of the ghost in different circumstances. Climax revolving around the big house has a convincing idea, but the delivery style is unacceptable and gives a fed-up feel to the viewers. There are way too many unnecessary violent and gore moments mainly after the break.


A serious horror film with strong technicalities which turns out little scary and lot more on the gory side.

Movie Rating – 2.5/ 5.

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