BALLOON Movie Review

BALLOON Movie Review

Cast: Jai, Anjali, Janani Iyer
Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: Sinish Sreedharan
Producers: Dhilip Subbarayan, Arun Balaji, Nandakumar
Production company: 70mm Entertainment
Music director: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematographer: R.Saravanan
Editor: Ruben
Language: Tamil
Release date: 29-12-2017
Censor certificate: UA
Run time: 2hrs, 20mins
Genre: Horror, Thriller


Jai is a film director who is ambitious to create a script for his debut film. He convinces a producer who demands him to make a horror story. Hearing about some mysterical ghostic happenings, Jai along with his family and discussion team visits Ooty to know more about that. What happens next forms the remaining story.


Sinish Sreedharan’s direction is strong as he brings in the genre feel right from the opening scene. His screenplay till the break point is engaging, filled with loads of comedy and few thrills. Dialogues are neat and adds value to the flow. Jai has underplayed completely and has performed well in the later half with the given scope. Anjali and Janani have played their respective role properly, good that there both were not used as glam girls. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background music gives a terrifying effect to the haunting scenes. R.Saravanan’s cinematography is splendid, his camera angles works and color tone to the flashback is apt. Ruben’s editing is tidy and doesn’t create any harm to the movement. Yogi Babu has made a laugh riot with his counter comedy punches, every single moment he appears is absolutely hilarious and helps to hold the show till mid-way. Little boy and actor Karthik Yogi turns our head towards them at places. Locations set in Ooty are refreshing and brings in the mystery element as well. Finishing style is a much seen one, still clicks. Make-up quality is superior, especially Jai’s joker get-up looks great.


Script is an age-old one and follows the regular horror template fashion. Flashback is tasteless as it doesn’t provide any sort of impact. Flow in the later half is weak, really slow till its end and also becomes boring in the progression. Villain characters are not sketched properly in order to create a strong conflict. Bringing in caste politics is unwanted and the script could’ve had a different gaming technique to take us in. Anjali appears for a long time and Janani just gives an extended cameo feel, but the output is same as they both have got very little to do in the movie. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs are not so impressive, it doesn’t gel along with the visuals. Since the core plot has no spice, the revenge portions at the end are uninteresting in spite of being short. The topical humor element flats out the scare factor. Second half could’ve been a little crisper to speed up things.

VERDICT – A time-pass horror comedy thriller which holds up fine till halfway but turns weak post that.

Movie Rating – 2.5/ 5.

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