BREATHE (Web Series) Review

BREATHE (Web Series) Review

Cast: R.Madhavan, Amit Sadh
Director: Mayank Sharma
Story: Mayank Sharma, Abhijeet Deshpande
Music director: Aloknanda Dasgupta
Language: Hindi
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller


R.Madhavan is a soccer coach. He is unfortunately a single parent of a boy who is suffering from a severe lung disorder. The small family is looking for a ray of hope to keep their lives going. What decision do Maddy take to save his son’s life and how does it impact his peaceful environment forms the crux of the story.


In general, the performances are very strong and spices up the game. Music is exhilarating, tunes change suddenly in sync with the scene’s movement and leaving certain places silently worked out well. Cinematography is splendid and builds up a solid tension in one’s mind about the upcoming happening. There are plenty of supporting artists in which most of them have important roles to play and they all create an impact to the progression in one way or the other, also the casting choice is just perfect. Editing is sharp and the pattern helps to raise the intensity of the viewer in many portions. Art work is neatly made and the particles assembled within the concerned frame sticks to the reality. Opening incident which shows a corrupted Police officer did not have much to do with the core plot, and in Maddy’s side there’s a Tattoo-wala who lives in the neighborhood. His portions are totally needless as they literally have nothing to do with the story. Certain life facts like two sides of the same matter such as the advantage and disadvantage of organ donation and a human is dead but his wishes lives up are shown in an exquisite manner. Climax easily fulfills the heart with some great & meaningful ending. Entire series is shot in Hindi and dubbed in Tamil & Telugu. That isn’t much of a problem, but Madhavan’s not dubbing for himself in Tamil happens to be an issue here.

The hits and misses of each episode in the series are as follows.

Episode 1: The Promise

Madhavan’s interaction with a family in a hospital about organ donation is so touching and tends to be a realization factor. Camera angles set in the point of view. Base work takes quite some time in the beginning. Then there are some predictable moments, for example the general public leaking a footage in YouTube.

Episode 2: The Hunt Begins

The imperfect connection that exist between the lives of Madhavan and Amit Sadh is one big winning factor, it excels very much at the end. Visual medium element is used correctly by showing some mind thoughts as scenes. Madhavan while attempting first murder has a great acting scope and he has made a scream out of it. Completely shadowing a person for a reason is done almost fully through a big house window and it misses to satisfy logically. Establishing a character is done many times which gives a lagging feel.

Episode 3: Safety First

Step by step progression is good and moves the story forward by showing proper the actions of Madhavan’s life intentions. Madhavan’s story takes the upper side, hence Amit Sadh’s backing is overshadowed and no limelight falls on his side. Madhavan leaves some silly evidences at the crime spot and he doesn’t get caught kicks the brain slightly.

Episode 4: The Audition

Details provided about the people who’re killed are shown well in a crisp way. Techniques used to implement the murder plan is fresh and realistic at the same time. Investigation process becomes interesting and even nail-biting after a point. Parallel sequences in Maddy and Amit’s life are handled with care and the ending is goosebumps guaranteed.

Episode 5: Bad Fish

A dialogue which a Police officer utters to give an example for coincidence is absolutely enjoyable. Certain decision changes with respect to the happenings takes an uplift in the flow. Maddy’s character flips due to a nerve-wrecking situation is shown in a clear cut way. Purposefully complicating the narration just to serve things as twists is a weak idea. Pace slows down as content suffers to continuously run.

Episode 6: Blind Man’s Bluff

Madhavan’s routine life changes due to the problems around him is portrayed nicely. Doctor cracking the crimes done by Madhavan is sensibly taken. Swimming pool scene satisfies in spite of missing to cover the logical side. Showing the old memories of Amit Sadh over and over just spends too much time beyond a limit. Suddenly changing the set-up of Madhavan’s warehouse is cinematic. Police following the suspect openly are ought to be a let down. Story is stuck at the same place during the Blind school portion.

Episode 7: Its In The Eyes

Editing gimmicks are superb as the twists get revealed at powerful points. Modern day technology is used in a smart basis. Brutal behaviour of Maddy keeps us to doubt about his character.

Episode 8: Body Parts

Filled with mighty strong beginning. The emotional quotient between Maddy and his mother is very practical and genuinely gives the impact. Justification made for few acts is completely satisfying. Context drags a bit towards the end, Police game twist looks like force fit addition.

TO CONCLUDE – Has some minor flaws, yet a gripping crime drama mixed with loads of thrills and emotions.

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