Cast: Nithiin, Megha Akash
Direction, screenplay & dialogues: Krishna Chaitanya
Story: Trivikram
Producers: Trivikram Srinivas, Pawan Kalyan
Production company: PK Creative Works, Sreshth Movies
Music director: S.Thaman
Cinematographer: N.Nataraj Subramanian
Editor: S.R.Shekhar
Language: Telugu
Release date: 05-04-2018
Censor certificate: U
Run time: 2hrs, 28mins
Genre: Romance, Comedy


In childhood, Nithiin gets to like Megha Akash who is from a rich family. The girl moves to foreign, hero after his degree flies for her. There begins the love story.


Nithiin’s charm is impressive and he has done a good in most of the scenes. Megha Akash is superb cute and performs nicely too. Supporting actors have proper roles to play, they create an impact in the later half. Comedy works well till the break point; certain situations are also strong. Direction is decent without making any harm to the experience. Screenplay is satisfying till interval as the film tends to entertain within the period. Dialogues are overall enjoyable, by keeping the logic apart. Thaman’s background score stays as the pillar of support, easily uplifts a scene. Natty’s camera work is apt for the film’s flavor. Costumes are lovely especially to Megha Akash who fits perfectly in all varieties. A quirky scene in the second half that teases Vijay’s “KATHTHI” sequence is extremely entertaining. Ending is fine which finish up things in a wholesome manner.


Trivikram’s story is very simple, also it falls way too flat post midway. Screenplay is long, quite boring with continuously weak situation following up after the break, hence the engagement factor drains out. Also, the main love track takes a back seat just for a silly misunderstanding. There are plenty of over-dramatic moments which downs the belief factor. Cinematic sequences are countless which makes the movie very artificial, therefore everything becomes predictable beyond a point. Thaman’s songs are average and the placements too doesn’t convince much. 15mins after the halfway mark, suddenly the momentum fades out as the path gets confusing. Mindless scenes that does not have a base appear back to back towards the end. Editing could’ve been way crisper, 145mins is a dragging fare for a regular romantic comedy.

TO CONCLUDE – Half cooked rom-com that is enjoyable till midway but turns silly post that.

Movie Rating – 2.25/ 5.

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