Cast: Gokul Anand, Anju Kurian, Rajesh Balachandiran
Director: Abbas Akbar
Producer: Ghibran
Production company: Comicbook Films India Pvt. Ltd.
Music director: Ghibran
Cinematographer: Karthick Nallamuthu
Editor: Praveen.K.L
Language: Tamil
Release date: 15-12-2017
Censor certificate: U
Run time: 2hrs, 2mins
Genre: Comedy, Drama


Gokul Anand is a film director who’s in search of a producer for his debut movie. By a friend’s recommendation, he goes to Singapore to meet a producer. What happens after that forms the remaining story.


Abbas Akbar’s direction is fresh and it makes the movie’s flavor relishing. His screenplay till the interval is decent filled with lot of humor. Dialogues are also hilarious at places and works well on the whole. Gokul Anand is a good find as his acting is pretty good and emotes finely. Anju Kurian as the lady lead gets good importance with a sensible character, she looks simple and cute. Rajesh Balachandiran is easily the best in the movie, his reactions and dialogue delivery bags many laughs. Its definitely one of the best album in Ghibran’s character, songs have splendid variety and amazing music. Sound mixing is also properly executed, especially in the chase scenes. Ghibran’s background music elevates the situations to the next level. Praveen.K.L’s editing is a big boost to the film as he has applied many unique stuff in the process. Locations in Singapore are rich and lights up the mood. Sentiments are correctly mixed, hence the connect with the heroine’s character is strong. The comedies present here and there make sure to engage the viewers at many places.


Script is not satisfying, in fact there isn’t much of a story to take us along. Later half becomes flat due to many lengthy scenes and unwanted over-cinematic portions. Also the long drawn out pre-climax is extremely monotonous. Villain character is very weak, also his performance is artificial which weakens the main conflict. The humor goes missing a bit after the interval and so there’s bit of boredom in the viewing. There are some easily predictable moments which reduces the curiosity factor. Pogathey song seems like a force fit, also it slows down the pace. Trying out comedy in a serious situation that too towards the climax is bad idea. Karthick Nallamuthu’s cinematography is just okay as few wide shots are blur. Logic mistakes are all over the movie, so few comedies are senseless.


Average script delivered in a fun-filled manner with entertaining first half and an artificial latter.

Movie Rating – 2.5/ 5.

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