Cast: R.Sarathkumar, Munishkanth
Direction, screenplay & dialogues: JPR
Story: Rajesh Kumar
Producer: P.K.Ram Mohan
Production company: Kalpataru Pictures
Music director: Jakes Bejoy
Cinematographer: Vijay Deepak
Editor: Gopi Krishna
Language: Tamil
Release date: 18-10-2017
Censor certificate: UA
Run time: 1hr, 42mins
Genre: Thriller


After serving in Chennai as an assistant commissioner, Sarathkumar is transferred to Coimbatore. City goes through mysterious wall posters linking to a murder scene. Sarathkumar takes charge for this case, how he solves this case forms the remaining story of the film.


Sarathkumar is still fit and his looks stylish as a investigative cop. Munishkanth’s acting is decent and comes throughout the film. Rajesh Kumar’s crime novel story is solid with a different medical content along with proper details. Jakes Bejoy’s background music falls to be a big advantage for the film, variety is missing in his scoring but apt for the genre. Vijay Deepak’s cinematography is not great, yet matches the situations correctly. Suhasini and Napoleon’s cameo makes sense and helps the progress. Couple of scenes towards the end are interesting which concludes the core plot.


JPR’s direction lacks maturity completely, his work fails to create impact and even kiddish at places. Screenplay is baseless and the clues comes in place in the move are not at all engaging, also the boring flow raises a self-check to the genre. Dialogues are also weak, English is kind of worse and wrong wherever it appears, also the artist’s dialogue delivery is poor too. There are plenty of side actors or the ones who come in for a scene or shot, none of them have done a convincing job, even a TV serial provides better artists sometimes. Production seems to be a key drop here, many shots look plain and dull. Editing is average and offers nothing much to hold the viewers. Film which happens in a single day requires to leave out perfect details, realistic feel, but unfortunately both the factors are heavily missed out here. Making is so amateurish, even few simple things are repeatedly shown. Being a Rajesh Kumar novel script, the impact is so low as the delivery style is weak and fails to thrill or connect emotionally with the film. Other than Sarathkumar, no one else get a good role to play, but the sad thing is that even Sarath could’ve carry this film completely. Climax lacks substance too with unwanted sequel like touch and an artificial attachment to the main villain.


A thriller which is absolutely boring with no big interesting elements and direction is tedious as well.

Movie Rating – 1.75/ 5.

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