DEATH WISH Movie Review

DEATH WISH Movie Review

Cast: Bruce Willis
Director: Eli Roth
Story: Brian Garfield
Screenplay: Joe Carnahan
Producer: Roger Birnbaum
Production company: MGM Studios
Music director: Ludwig Goransson
Cinematographer: Rogier Stoffers
Editor: Mark Goldblatt
Language: English
Release date: 02-03-2018
Censor certificate: UA
Run time: 1hr, 47mins
Genre: Action, Drama


Bruce Willis is a doctor whose wife gets murdered and daughter is hospitalized by brutal robbers. How Bruce Willis finds who did the crime and take revenge on them forms the remaining story.


Bruce Willis is still fit, kicking and his tiny expressions are lively. There’s a bunch of supporting artists and Vincent D’Onofrio and Dean Narris are impressive among the big list. Eli Roth’s direction is apt for the story line, he has not tried to project things in a cooler way for no reason. Script is simple and old-fashioned, yet a convincing one to attract the target audience. Base is actually strong, the emotional formation which leads to the revenge drama is carried in an unhurried pace. Action scenes are less but they give a fine impact due to a realistic touch. There are certain high points which will go well with the commercial audience. Rogier Stoffers’s camera work is neat by bundling things perfectly. Mark Goldblatt’s editing is crisp, multiple shots in the frame links up the happenings nicely. Investigation progress route meets best with reality. Dialogues are superb and elevates the punch factor.


Joe Carnahan’s screenplay lacks spice especially after the revenge game begins. Situations are outdated and hence the cat & mouse game becomes boring to watch. Supporting characters are weak, they literally fail to create an impact by having no big scope. Villain characters have no importance and hence the whole point struggles to hit the mind. Halfway through, the flow kind of deviates to a vast extent and tries switch apart from the main line. The media play by creating their own stories about a vigilante are unnecessary. Logic loopholes are present on a large scale which paves way to the mindless factor. Ludwig Goransson’s background music is average, doesn’t elevate much.

TO CONCLUDE – Bruce Willis turns this regular revenge action drama into an once watchable entertainer.

Movie Rating – 2.25/ 5.

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