DND show by SPI Cinemas – Details are here!

DND show by SPI Cinemas – Details are here!

SPI Cinemas intoduces DND (Do Not Disturb) show for the first time in Asia! Starting from Today, every Wednesday evening, a disturbance-free show will be screened @ Sathyam Cinemas. There are these mindless people who irritate a true movie buff while watching a film like coming late and blowing the lights on the face, talking loudly via phone or in person, much more annoying moments and make it difficult for the close by cinema lover to concentrate on the screen. So, this will surely be an overwhelming experience for a passionate cinema viewer who wishes to watch a film with absolutely zero deviation/ disturbance.

Details of this show:-

1. Person below 15 years is not allowed.

2. No Interval.

3. No usage of phone inside the screen.

4. Grab the snacks before the start of the movie.

5. No conversations during the show’s run.

6. Late comers not allowed.

There will be bouncers to control if a viewer tend to break any sort of problem.

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