GET OUT Movie Review

GET OUT Movie Review

Cast: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams
Director & writer: Jordan Peele
Producers: Sean McKittrick, Jason Blum, Edward.H.Hamm, Jordan Peele
Production company: Blumhouse Productions
Music director: Michael Abels
Cinematographer: Toby Oliver
Editor: Gregory Plotkin
Language: English
Run time: 1hr, 43mins
Genre: Thriller


Daniel Kaluuya accepts to have a meeting with his girlfriend Allison Williams family in their countryside house. Daniel Kaluuya feels something strange since the day he arrived at the spot. What is the truth behind it and how it is resolved forms the remaining story.


Jordan Peele’s directorial touch is splendid and the haunted feel which he has layered acts as the pillar of strength. Script is not so or unique, but has plenty of thrill moments over it. Screenplay is the driving force, every single scene is interesting due to a very strong paper work. Dialogues easily provide goosebumps which also has a lot of sense. Daniel Kaluuya’s performance is exceptional, his expressions at scary places are so effective. Allison Williams is beautiful and has played one kick-ass character greatly. Supporting cast is very powerful, especially the heroine’s parents are a scream to watch. Michael Abels’s music is terrifying and extremely apt for the genre. Technical team strikes a century in every aspect by adding lot of spices to the flow. The mystery element is exceptional and the ‘what next’ factor sweeps the viewers into the movie. Twists are ultimately revealed and they’re hard to predict too. Opening sequence is linked perfectly with the last shot. Treatment is amusing and grips a person completely during the watch.


Initial moments are a small dip as it takes quite some time to begin the excitement part. There’s little too heavy violence which kind of seems to be a force fit addition. Few plays are purposefully done to confuse the audience.

TO CONCLUDE – A bang on seat-edge sensible thriller, only for the heavy hearts.

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