Cast: Prabhu Deva, Hansika Motwani, Revathi
Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: Kalyaan
Producer: Kotapadi.J.Rajesh
Production company: KJR Studios
Music director: Vivek Siva, Mervin Solomon
Cinematographer: R.S.Anandakumar
Editor: Vijay Velkutty
Language: Tamil
Release date: 12-01-2018
Censor certificate: U
Run time: 2hrs, 9mins
Genre: Adventure, Comedy


Prabhu Deva works under a smuggler. He is said to finish a treasure hunt project. By various means, Hansika, Revathi and Ramdoss also joins him to complete the assigned project. What happens in the progression forms the remaining story.


Prabhu Deva is apt as a thief, he has rocked in his safe zone which is obviously dance movements. Hansika glitters as glam doll, also travels throughout the film. Revathi easily steals the show with a surprising never seen before funky characterization, her performance is also striking. Kalyaan’s story isn’t great, but enough to satisfy the genre lovers. Vivek Siva and Mervin Solomon’s songs are impressive, they’ve done well with both folk and melody. Their background music is a major highlight in most of the scenes. R.S.Anandakumar’s camera work is good, he has neatly worked without doing any harm to the flow. Vijay Velkutty’s editing is pretty good, he has to be appreciated for closing up things in 129mins. Art work is matured, team has done a decent job knowing the scene’s situation. Peter Hein’s stunts have an extra heroism, yet the fight scenes have the right intensity. Yogi Babu and Mansoor Ali Khan’s combination portions in and post break bring out some laughter. Motta Rajendran’s humor scenes click well in the later half. Opening scene covers up the context nicely. Few facts told initially and linking it up towards the end are a relief. Some tiny twists and a jolly ending are somewhat convincing.


Kalyaan’s direction lacks substance at many places as the film doesn’t follow a proper meter at all. His screenplay is very weak as the scenes and situations are dull, also the flow is extremely clumsy filled up with many unwanted elements. Dialogues works only in bits and pieces, the stability is totally missed. Song placements are bad, just appears as a force fit addition to heat up the commercial angle. There are over-the-top cinematic moments like giving too much build for the hero’s introduction. Continuity issues are present with Prabhu Deva’s initial appearance. Production value is low and it is so evident in lot of areas, mainly when they try to show up Mexico in front of a CG background like the TV serials usually do. The word logic is completely unavailable in this film’s dictionary. Place where the characters travel has not been explained in a clear cut manner. Sathyan’s role is absolutely unnecessary, also his portions kind of created headache especially before the interval. Villain’s character is poorly written and cooked up in an old-school way like blackmailing the hero by locking up his girl. Visual effects is sad in quite a few scenes and worse in a duet song. The sequences made to set up the main base is flat and full of flaws. Certain scenes are stretched to a vast extent, but the matter tried to convey would be so thin. Except for Revathi, no other characterization is constructed strongly including the lead pair, what’s the motive behind these many faces are left unknown till the end. Film’s timeline is 2018, but no clue why they’ve used only vintage cars to move on. Highly expected Anandaraj and Ramdoss also disappoints. The flow carries many deviations rather than hitting towards its destination, baseless artists are the key here. The adventure feel fails to show up as the element chosen has no big excitement around it. Hansika’s flashback is silly and a much seen too.


Stuff is defective which results in lack of entertainment.

Movie Rating – 2/ 5.

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