Cast: Gautham Karthik, Nikki Galrani
Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: Santhosh.P.Jayakumar
Producer: S.Thangaraj
Production company: Thangam Cinemas
Distribution: Studio Green
Music director: Balamurali Balu
Cinematographer: SK.Selvakumar
Editor: T.Shivanandeeswaran
Language: Tamil
Release date: 29-09-2017
Censor certificate: A
Run time: 2hrs, 10mins
Genre: Comedy, Drama


Same design/ color of bag with different stuffs owned by various people revolves around randomly. How everything gets sorted out forms the remaining story of the film.


Director Santhosh has to be appreciated for attempting an adult comedy with some bold jokes induced in it. Script is simple but easily enough to engage the viewers. Few double meaning and comment on society dialogues worked well and brought out some laughter. Among the list of artists, comedian Sathish scores big time with lot of humorous counters. Rajendran did a decent job especially towards the ending. The actual ‘Swamiji’ voice over is fun whenever it appears. Ravi Mariya and Namo Narayanan’s track is a time-pass portion. Gautham Karthik has improved a lot in his presence. Nikki Galrani looks beautiful in every frame she appears. SK.Selvakumar’s camera work is good and he has given his best for this film. Balamurali Balu’s background jells with the flow and travels well.


Santhosh’s direction is average, being targeted to adults, the stuff inside is mostly conveyed in a polished way. His screenplay is slow and also boring with lack of enjoyable jokes in many portions. Love track between Gautham and Nikki is bad and appears as a speed-breaker in the later half. Karunakaran and Motta Rajendran quirky track fails to click until before the climax scene. Bala Saravanan’s solo track is neat in the start but later becomes lacklustre with lethargic execution. Many light adult moments doesn’t work out and misses out to bring the laughter. Situations are below par and hence rarely appearing A comedies alone could not engage the viewers. R.K.Suresh role is absolutely unnecessary to the film. Climax could’ve worked even more better when showed on a clear note rather than being clumsy. Co-incidence factor is taken for granted to used at random intervals in the progression. There are too many logic loopholes, exceeds the limit beyond a point. Balamurali Balu’s songs are not at all satisfactory and placements are poor too. Shiva’s editing is failure and as he misses out to package the product perfectly. There are countless number of Vijay/ Ajith moments in the film just to attract their fans.


An adult entertainer which falls way short of the line in both ‘A’ stuff and entertainment.

Movie Rating – 2.25/ 5.

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