INDRAJITH Movie Review

INDRAJITH Movie Review

Cast: Gautham Karthik
Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: Kalaprabhu
Producer: Kalipuli.S.Thanu
Production company: V Creations
Music director: KP
Cinematographer: Rasamathi
Editor: V.T.Vijayan, S.R.Ganesh Babu
Language: Tamil
Release date: 24-11-2017
Censor certificate: U
Run time: 1hr, 56mins
Genre: Adventure, Thriller


A precious stone which can used as an essential medicine is hidden thousands of years ago. Ex-head of the Goa archaeology department heads to the stone place after finding the map to it with the help of Gautham Karthik. What happens in the travel forms the remaining story.


Script is satisfactory and good enough to provide a quality adventurous film. Gautham Karthik’s charm and innocent acting has saved some portions in the progression. Sounds which covers the forest side are done well by the team and the Atmos mixing helps to enhance them. Animated flashback which details about the core idea is decently shown with some regular but useful explanation. First half’s flow related to good side and opposite are watchable. And few clue finding moments are quite decent in spite of being predictable.


Kalaprabhu’s direction is extremely amateurish from start to finish. His screenplay is monotonous in most of the portions, there are humongous number of lags and shabby elements placed frequently. Dialogues are too kiddish, philosophical and conversation ones misses to have a continuity. Production value to very low and it is proven in every single frame of the movie. KP’s songs are really boring as the numbers are not in fashion. His background score fails to gel with the situations and relation between the visuals and music leave us clueless. Rasamathi’s cinematography is very much on the lower side, plenty of frames are blur and the moving shots are shaken. V.T.Vijayan and S.R.Ganesh Babu’s editing is clumsy with lot of continuity problems, also the cuts are blunt all over the film. Art department’s work is not at all convincing, budget constraint comes as the main issue here. Stunts are over the top and the team has made sure to showcase the hero either in air or water. The heroines, villain or the other supporting actors, no one gets proper role or neat back story or either enough screen space to convey their motive clearly. Two heroines is totally unnecessary & it consumes a lot of time. Songs appear at ridiculous places and too many of them disturbs the viewer’s tolerance level. Twists are revealed in an old-school manner and so they become weak. Heroism is just over the limit and few action based sequences are ought to troll. Visual effects is the most sad part of the movie, there are countless number of VFX shots used and not even a single shot is at least in average rate, so automatically it drains out the visual quality. Situations are silly and the scenes are packed in quite atrocious style. Comedy has been tried bringing out M.S.Baskar, but it doesn’t really work out in any area. Climax is also notorious with no clear answer to the facts told.


Silly adventure drama executed poorly with inferior visual quality.

Movie Rating – 1.75/ 5.

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