Cast: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Manjima Mohan, Soori, Daniel Balaji
Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: Gaurav Narayanan
Producer: Subaskaran
Production company: Lyca Productions
Music director: D.Imman
Cinematographer: Richard.M.Nathan
Editor: Praveen.K.L
Language: Tamil
Release date: 09-11-2017
Censor certificate: U
Run time: 2hrs, 19mins
Genre: Romance, Thriller


Daniel Balaji is a dangerous terrorist who’s an expert in bombing. He’s set to attack Chennai city. Udhayanidhi and Soori are innocent people who are misjudged as a part in Daniel Balaji’s gang. How they escape and prove the Police department that they’re innocent is the remaining story of the film.


Gaurav Narayanan’s script is simple yet mostly intense with some quality substance in writing. His screenplay is gripping and fast at certain areas, last 30mins in both the halves are engaging with plenty of thrilling moments. His directorial skill has to appreciated for various technology usage and its detailed explanations. Dialogues are matured all together and on point in many places. Udhayanidhi Stalin has improved a lot, his performance is very legible throughout. Manjima gets a meaty role to play and she has done well. Soori’s humor clicks then and there, more than that he gets a strong character to evolve himself as an actor. Daniel Balaji is terrifying as a terrorist and scores in the given screen space. Radhika creates an impact as a responsible middle class mother, his profession in the movie is quite unusual. Richard.M.Nathan’s cinematography is superb, his camera angles and aerial shots have come out wonderfully. Praveen.K.L’s editing is neat by smoothing the flow. Research the team has gone through is amusing which has brought out plenty of awe moments. Ideas showcased to find certain clues are intelligent. Viewer’s connect is strong as a tension builds up during the pre-climax sequences. Few co-incidental meetups have cleverly induced. Art direction is used efficiently whenever Daniel Balaji takes up a project. Couple of twists in the second half are solid and are exciting. Climax is good and packs up the punch.


Film takes its own sweet time to set up the premise in spite of showing the villain’s aim. There are too many deviations till a point of time. Movie is somewhat boring for the initial 30-40mins which has lot of unwanted sequences are dragging situations, even though some of them comes into place in the second half. Watching an intro scene for all the lead characters was hard to tolerate. Few techniques used to narrate some areas are kiddish like Udhay’s opening scene to show he is superb smart. Udhay and Soori’s escape scene from the hospital could’ve had a lot more logic. D.Imman’s songs are just average and are definitely shorter of his standards. Even his background music is disappointing, also the baddie theme reminded the music of ‘Vishwaroopam’ multiple times. ‘Kulebaa Vaa’ foreign duet song is completely unnecessary to the script, its not even visually satisfying. R.K.Suresh’s character is purely senseless and sadly he is unfit as a city cop. Post interval, lagging comes into place for a long time and also the story locks at the same place revolving around the same circle. Duration could’ve been crisper by chopping off few long scenes. Stunts are not realistic which is must particularly for this style of film. Costumes are pretty dull for everyone. VFX in the bombing and accident places are not great.


A decent crime thriller which is partially interesting, but could’ve had lesser deviations.

Movie Rating – 2.5/ 5.

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