Cast: Vishal, Samantha, Arjun

Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: P.S.Mithran

Producer: Vishal

Production company: Vishal Film Factory

Music director: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematographer: George C.Williams

Editor: Ruben

Language: Tamil

Release date: 11-05-2018

Censor certificate: U

Run time: 2hrs, 41mins

Genre: Action, Thriller


A strange criminal group wipes out money from public’s bank account by hacking their information. Vishal is a military officer and how he fights for justice in this case forms the remaining story.


Debut director P.S.Mithran’s writing packs punch and the content he has taken is noble. His direction is neat and convey things in a sensible manner. Screenplay is gripping, covers up the commercial angle and moves on top gear with interesting elements in the final hour. Dialogues are clap worthy and alert the audience with social awareness. Vishal is fit, underplayed well and fights boldly in the respective situations. Samantha gets a matured character, and has played her part nicely. Arjun’s presence is superb, his villain characterization is smartly etched which happens to be the main highlight of the film. Delhi Ganesh scores big in the emotional scenes. Clash of brains in the second half is splendid and tightly presented. Yuvan’s BGM has variety and helps in the elevation of the sequences. George C.Willaims’s camera work is terrific, the angles outperform. Ruben’s editing is slick and the flow is mostly uninterrupted. Art department and stunt team has also added values. Data research is perfectly done and delivered on screen with maturity. Minute social messages are sprayed over finely without preaching anything. Tiny dots are connected well at the climax. End title card is filled with so many responsible facts.


Opening portions lack speed or excitement as the film takes its sweet time to arrive at the core point. There are some small lags which gives a dragging feel at times. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs are just average and they could have been much more better. Robo Shankar’s comedy doesn’t click, his timing punches are mediocre. Build up shots are over cinematic which shows Vishal walking in slow motion with a power-packed background music. Subway fight scene in the second half is unnecessary. Certain sequences like ATM money withdraw, etc are stretched and even repeated. Though the content contains substance, the overall duration feels long.

TO CONCLUDE – Smartly made gripping cyber crime thriller presented with much needed social awareness.

Movie Rating – 3/ 5.

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