Cast: Gautham Karthik, Vaibhavi Shandilya, Shah Ra, Yaashika Anand, Chandrika Ravi

Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: Santhosh P.Jayakumar

Producer: K.E.Gnanavel Raja

Production company: Blue Ghost Pictures

Music director: Balamurali Balu

Cinematographer: Ballu

Editor: Prasanna GK

Language: Tamil

Release date: 04-05-2018

Censor certificate: A

Run time: 1hr, 58mins

Genre: Horror, Comedy


Gautham Karthik and his friends go to Bangkok for a dating trip and stay in a bungalow. There exist a ghost with sexual desire. And the game begins.


Director Santhosh P.Jayakumar has utilized the freedom of adult content well and explored plenty of 18+ comedies, they’re presented in an enjoyable manner. Dialogues act as a plus at many places where the dialogue meaning humor strikes. Karunakaran has appeared in a bold role and his character is very much attractive. Gautham Karthik has done his job correctly without any big flaws. The girls have delivered what the film requires, their guts needs appreciation. Shah Ra stands as a strong support alongside the hero throughout the movie. Background music is decent and clicks perfectly for the situations. Ballu’s camera work is impressive, be it the angles or capturing the glamorous ladies are done in a neat way. Prasanna GK’s editing is crisp as the film’s run time is less than 2hrs. ‘Bigg Boss’ factor blends well with the scenes. Team has added enough spicy elements to satisfy the target audience. Climax is a quite funny and ends with a punch.


There’s literally no script to hook up the viewers, same old template horror comedy peppered with ‘A’ jokes. Screenplay is weak with too many lags and lot of predictable sequences to bore out. Motta Rajendran and Bala Saravanan characters take away a vast screen space but unfortunately they leave out very less impact. Balamurali Balu’s songs are kind of bad and the poor placements lose the momentum of the flow. Opening 20mins is boring as nothing much happens in that time period. Vaibhavi Shandilya miss out to catch up with her lip-sync which falls as an issue. Nowhere the movie gives a horrifying feel, not even a single scene is scary. The ghost’s backstory might be pleasing to a few, but it is deeply unconvincing. Few humor quotient tends to be force fit addition which doesn’t meet the metre. Santhosh P.Jayakumar’s direction is average and could’ve been better in many portions.

TO CONCLUDE – 18+ horror comedy that works in bits, even few enjoyable adult humour could not give it a pass mark.

Movie Rating – 2.25/ 5.

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