JUDWAA 2 Movie Review

JUDWAA 2 Movie Review

Cast: Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Taapsee
Direction & story: David Dhawan
Screenplay: Yunus Sejawal
Dialogues: Sajid-Farhad
Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala
Banner: Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
Distribution: Fox Star Studios
Music director: Sajid-Wajid, Meet Bros Anjaan, Sandeep Shirodkar, Anu Malik
Cinematographer: Ayananka Bose
Editor: Ritesh Soni
Language: Hindi
Release date: 29-09-2017
Censor certificate: UA
Run time: 2hrs, 28mins
Genre: Romance, Comedy


There are two Varun Dhawans and are twins by birth. Though they are not con-joined, one’s action impact the other. They are separated accidentally as soon as they’re born. In what circumstances they meet each other after years and the consequences forms the rest.


Varun Dhawan is awesome, he’s cute all over the movie and has shown clear variations between both the roles. Jacqueline Fernandez is sexy and looks stunning in every frame she appears. Taapsee is also beautiful and has done her job correctly. David dhawan’s script is convincing and pretty enough to keep us hooked. Sajid-Farhad’s dialogues satisfying as some of the bring out the laughter. Background music is decent and elevates the scenes well. Ayananka Bose’s cinematography is superb and the visuals look so fresh & attractive. Ritesh Soni’s editing is pretty good, he has shown both the tracks perfectly. Costumes are so hot & adorable for Jacqueline and neat for VD. Art direction is rich and apt for the backdrop. Stunts are fine as the choreography in the fight scenes are solid. Few situations in the first are enjoyable it goes well with film’s core idea. Some comedies here and there do help out to engage. Climax is fun and Salman Khan’s cameo is an added bonus.


David dhawan’s direction lacks frequently, he is skills doesn’t fit the current generation. Yunus Sejawal’s screenplay is extremely slow and the movie waste a lot of time exploring the dual roles. In spite of having four music directors, all the songs are just flat and average. Supporting characters are futile. Few moments seems similar to some old films. As per this movie, the whole London has only two Police officers roaming around. At least two VDs should have met in the break point, rather the interval block is worst with an exaggerated stuff. Same kind of scenes between the two VDs repeat a lot of times. There are literally zero logic in the movie and the film proves it with a football scene. Cycle chase is unwanted and poorly taken too. Usage of body double is evident clearly. Film bores out at many places and also gives a feel of watching a long-drawn out drama towards the end. Heroism is also quite high and it doesn’t suit VD much.


Forget the logic to sit through once in this mindless entertainer which has its share of moments.

Movie Rating – 2.25/ 5.

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