Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas
Director: Jake Kasdan
Story: Chris McKenna
Screenplay: Jake Kasdan, Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers, Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner
Producers: Matt Tolmach, William Teitler
Production company: Columbia Pictures, Matt Tolmach Productions, Radar Pictures, Seven Bucks Productions
Music director: Henry Jackman
Cinematographer: Gyula Pados
Editors: Mark Jalfrich, Steve Edwards
Language: English
Release date: 29-12-2017
Censor certificate: UA
Run time: 1hr, 59mins
Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy


Four friends while playing a video game named ‘Jumanji’, is mysteriously sucked into the game which takes them to a jungle. How they finish the game and escape from that place forms the remaining story of the movie.


Director Jake Kasdan has understood the ‘Jumanji’ brand properly and have worked accordingly, he has taken it in the best he could. Chris McKenna’s script is fascinating, incorporating the video game concept. Screenplay is entertaining with loads of comedy sequences and enough action elements to match it up. Dialogues are funny and with implementing certain fresh ideas, humor quotient boosts up its boundary. Exploring the logic of a video game and bringing in to the taste of movie-goers is done in a fine way. Characters are sketched in a challenging manner as the actors gets contrast roles in the game comparing to their real lives. Dwayne Johnson is stunning as a powerful by body but not by heart. Jack Black is amusing in an unique characterization who should act like woman. Kevin Hart is absolutely hilarious, he has taken a good care of the comedy portions. The beauty is that the actors have got superb scope to perform. Scenes have a strong pitch, hence the engaging factor is more. The commercial elements are at a perfect mix and logically correct too. Cinematic liberty is utilized to the fullest and the adventurous ideas brought in are lovely. Gyula Pados’s cinematography is rich and the VFX team has given their cent percent hardwork to pull things off quite easily. Editing is neat, cuts used to switch locations in the climax is crazy. Costumes and set work are apt to the requirements. Concepts used with male-female differences are LOL. Two fight scenes have come out well, Rock tightening the screws at the bazaar and Karen diverting the villain sidekicks.


Karen Gillan’s importance and character depth is quite low among the other leads. Nick Jonas doesn’t have much to do but the main artists depend on him as such he’s going to save them all. Villain character is a little dull, also his motive is silly and doesn’t hit correctly with the main thing. Lot of matter gets revealed so early and there’s nothing much to be excited about later on in the progression. Pace gets sluggish in the middle portions and sequences coming up towards the end aren’t that much gripping. Henry Jackman’s background score is just average as his music missed out to support the situations. It is entertaining as a complete movie but there are no memorable scenes to stay in our hearts and minds.


Worth playing fun-filled adventure game with a right mix of commercial ingredients.

Movie Rating – 3/ 5.

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