Cast: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, Amy Adams
Director: Zack Snyder
Story: Chris Terrio, Zack Snyder
Screenplay: Chris Terrio, Joss Whedon
Producers: Charles Rovn, Deborah Snyder, Jon Berg, Geogg Johns
Production company: DC Films, RatPac Entertainment
Music director: Danny Elfman
Cinematographer: Fabian Wagner
Editor: David Brenner, Richard Pearson, Martin Walsh
Language: English
Release date: 17-11-2017
Censor certificate: UA
Run time: 2hrs
Genre: Action, Drama


Steppenwolf is an alien military officer who is strong and tries to invade the worlds by using ‘Mother Boxes’. Batman cracks it out with the help of Wonder Woman, how they form the Justice League and end this attack forms the remaining story.


Chris Terrio and Joss Whedon has given an entertaining package with their decent screenplay writing. ‘Mother Box’ idea has paved way for an important achievement in the progression. Dialogues are powerful and the mass ones get massive screams from the audience. Ben Affleck looks good when compared to his previous outing. Gal Gadot is a scream to watch and extremely gorgeous. Henry Cavill is amazing and packs the punch towards the end. Ezra Miller is funny and make us laugh. Jason Momoa is strong like a beast with a mighty physique. Ray Fisher comes into light after halfway. Sensible thing is that all these superheroes have got equal importance and solid space to score. All their introduction scenes re-established their characters nicely. Also they all have their high moments but however Superman excels them all towards the closing time. There are some well made memorable sequences like Flash helping Diana to grab her sward, Superman’s return and his macho activities after that, etc. Fabian Wagner’s cinematography is fabulous, his work is very sharp mainly during the slow-motion shots. Editing is crisp and thus the film is engaging, restricting the duration to 2hrs is a smart move. Stunt choreography is amazing, the superheroes smash out in the fights big time. Visual Effects are neat and it also enhances the villain portions well. Costumes are lovely especially for the gorgeous Gal Gadot. Surprisingly the climax action sequences is showcased with few quality ideas. There are two credit scenes and both deserves a watch.


The construction time for the basement is too long. Even after introducing them all, the acceptance to work as a team gets delayed for not so convincing reasons. Zack Snyder need to work with his mistakes as he could’ve done a far better job given the same script book, his presentation method unfortunately lacks the style. Amy Adams appears like an extended cameo as she has no big role to play. Danny Elfman’s background score is just average and falls very short to elevate the situations with his music. Main plot is too thin and the writers could’ve concentrated more on building them strongly. Villain’s characterization is not so great and nowhere he emerges as a terrifying monster who matches to his up-hill intentions. The whole first hour was like a slow burn, even though its not boring, the situations were somewhat dull. As a stand alone movie it clicks as a good entertainer, but considering the fact that it is ‘Justice League’, the film has nothing new or great for us to offer. The movie is largely predictable and the scheduled surprises in the later half are not really surprising. 3D experience is honestly not worthy.


Crisp action entertainer packaged in an enjoyable way.

Movie Rating – 2.75/ 5.

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