KAALI Movie Review

KAALI Movie Review

Cast: Vijay Antony, Anjali, Sunaina

Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi

Producer: Fatima Vijay Antony

Production company: Vijay Antony Film Corporation

Music director: Vijay Antony

Cinematographer: Richard M.Nathan

Editor: Lawrence Kishore

Language: Tamil

Release date: 18-05-2018

Censor certificate: U

Run time: 2hrs, 13mins

Genre: Drama


Vijay Antony is a doctor who lives in US with his adopted parents. He gets a same dream since his childhood. He assumes it has something to do with his past life. What happens after he visits India to know about him forms the crux of the story.


Vijay Antony has given his subtle performance once again, he is decent with various get-ups. Sunaina’s presence is less, but with strong importance, her character gives the impact. Yogi Babu entertains big time with his enjoyable jokes, kudos to his costume designer who has put up funny statements in his t-shirts. Director Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi has tried something different in her narration which has to be appreciated. Opening 20mins is interesting and YB’s portions after that are funny. Two songs namely ‘Nooraai’ and ‘Arumbae’ are nice pleasant melodies. Vijay Antony’s background music is apt for the situations, main theme is convincing as well. Richard M.Nathan’s cinematography acts as the backbone of the film, his work is very neat. Small knot untied in each flashback connects well. Explanation about human DNA is informative.  Vijay Antony’s decision in the ending is meaningful.


Though the narration pattern is fresh, main core being the usual rural drama, film looks old fashioned at end of the day. Script is thin and there are no surprises from the writing side too. Screenplay is stretched to a vast extent, even the newly tried execution style becomes boring after a point. Dialogues are also weak, few messages conveyed looks force-fit. Anjali gets a less essential role to play. Couple of flashbacks shown in the middle to know more about the hidden mystery becomes unnecessary after the core thing is revealed. Presentation drags a lot as there are many unwanted characters are added up just to fill the vacuum space. Dramatic play gets totally uninteresting in the progression as there are no substance to hold the grip tightly. Twists doesn’t surprise and sentiment misses to create an impact as the characters lack depth and detail. An over-the-top sequence in the climax gives an artificial feel. Lawrence Kishore’s editing is abrupt even in lot of important areas.

TO CONCLUDE – An outdated mystery drama with a dragging, trial and error execution.

Movie Rating – 2.25/ 5.

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