KARUPPAN Movie Review

KARUPPAN Movie Review

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Tanya, Bobby Simha
Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: R.Panneerselvam
Producers: A.M.Rathnam, S.Aishwarya
Banner: Shri Sai Raam Creations
Music director: D.Imman
Cinematographer: K.A.Sakthivel
Editor: V.T.Vijayan
Language: Tamil
Release date: 29-09-2017
Censor certificate: U
Run time: 2hrs, 17mins
Genre: Action, Drama


Vijay Sethupathi weds Tanya by winning over a bull fight. What happens between VJS and Tanya’s family and at last how everything gets sorted out forms the remaining story of the movie.


Vijay Sethupathi has nailed as a rustic guy, his screen presence stands as the pillar here. Tanya does well and has got an important role to play throughout the film. It was good to see Pasupathy in a supporting role after a long time. Singam Puli’s role is decent and his humour is overall okay. Imman’s background score is apt for the genre and mass theme is solid. Sakthivel’s cinematography is fine, he adds value to the film’s flavour. Art work and costumes suits the rural base nicely and gives the native feel. Jallikattu scene is kept in for a cause and from where the story takes off. The chemistry between VJS and Tanya is lovely and their combination scenes in the first half have come out well.


Panneerselvam’s direction is average and he has done anything great from his side. Script is very generic old-type rural drama which is pretty outdated for the day. Screenplay is extremely slow and doesn’t really take-off even till the interval. The threat is utterly poor, hence the connectivity issue prevails completely. Dialogues are ordinary, nothing to attach both in heroic & family scenes. Bobby Simha’s role is so weak and he fails to impress as his acting is over the board. The additional villain is totally unnecessary to the core and it doesn’t help out the progression in any manner. There are many supporting artists, but none of them have genuine roles, even VJ Sethu’s mother character is abrupt. Film is very much predictable and hence the engaging factor is nil after a point, also it gives a feel of watching a serial drama in the later half. Most of the situations are not strong and thus the family issue suffers to elevate. Both making and execution lacks maturity, even some basic logic is missing out in the film and it raises up the dramatic touch too much. Imman’s songs are bad without any catchy number, terrible thing is there are 6 songs in this 135mins movie. V.T.Vijayan’s editing is simple and has nothing special. Movie progresses with a template of rustic masala movies with back to back songs, action, romance, sentiments and comedies which bores out completely. Visual Effects could’ve been better in the bull fight portion. Climax is cliched with a much seen stuff.


Except the impressive lead-pair, it is just an old-school rural drama packaged with boring moments.

Movie Rating – 2/ 5.

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