MERCURY Movie Review

MERCURY Movie Review

Cast: Prabhu Deva, Sananth, Indhuja
Direction, story & screenplay: Karthik Subbaraj
Producers: Kaarthikeyan Santhanam, Jayantilal Gada
Production company: Stone Bench Films, Pen Movies Limited
Music director: Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematographer: S.Tirru
Editor: Vivek Harshan
Language: Nil (Silent)
Release date: 13-04-2018
Censor certificate: U
Run time: 1hr, 48mins
Genre: Thriller


Sananth, Indhuja, their friends are deaf and mute. They commit a road accident which involves Prabhu Deva. What happens after this incident forms the remaining story of the film.


Karthik Subbaraj’s writing is yet again fascinating, beauty is that we get to realize it only at the ending. Script is good and takes the upper side when everything is concluded. Screenplay is very decent, keeps the flow active with intense sequences. Direction is commendable as the attempt is genuinely refreshing. Nuances pulls up the depth factor. Plenty of minute elements placed initially justified well after the break. Prabhu Deva has given his career best performance in a unique role. Sananth and Indhuja gets important roles and they leave out solid acting as well. Santhosh Narayanan’s background music easily conveys the mood of the scene and uplifts the impact. Tirru’s camera work is excellent, night shots are shown naturally. Vivek Harshan’s editing is sharp without any glitch, run time is also fortunately short. Sounds are apt and in high standards. Situations become gripping towards the finish line. Climax is outstanding, arrives as a pleasant surprise with Karthik Subbaraj’s unique touch.


It takes some time at the beginning for the movie to enter its core. Couple of scenes purposefully stick to the silent genre by muting the dialogues. ‘Mercury Poisoning’ portion is shown in a polished way, effect could’ve been more if the treatment was stressed more. Small logic mistake glitter in a serous scene. There are few dull moments in the middle which slows down the progression. Stunt sequences lose the authentic zone by over using cinematic liberty. Except Sananth and Indhuja, rest of the supporting artists have only less work to do.

TO CONCLUDE – Differently attempted interesting silent thriller that has a captivating climax.

Movie Rating – 3/ 5.

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