MERSAL Movie Review

MERSAL Movie Review

Cast: Vijay, Samantha, Kajal Aggarwal, Nithya Menon, S.J.Suryah
Direction & story: Atlee
Screenplay: K.V.Vijayendra Prasad, Atlee, S.Ramana Girivasan
Dialogues: S.Ramana Girivasan, Atlee
Producers: Murali Ramasamy, Hema Rukmani
Production company: Thenandal Studio Limited
Music director: A.R.Rahman
Cinematographer: G.K.Vishnu
Editor: Ruben
Language: Tamil
Release date: 18-10-2017
Censor certificate: UA
Run time: 2hrs, 50mins
Genre: Action, Drama


Vijay is a doctor in Chennai who serves for the people genuinely. He receives an award from a foreign meet, and commits a murder turning into a magician. What the play is about and how it concludes forms the remaining story.


Vijay has rocked in various roles with his screen presence, stylish mannerism, dialogue delivery and much more. Atlee’s script is decent with the main content being a strong social one. Screenplay is entertaining in many parts and few gimmicks in both the halves have worked well. Atlee’s direction is wonderful and once again he has proved himself a smart technician. Dialogues are strong and few phrases which denotes the medical crime track are superb & meaningful. The packaging is neat and hence the outcome is decent. Producers have to be praised for investing a lot on the product and the outcome is grand as well. SJ.Suryah’s screen space is less but he scores huge with two outstanding scenes which explores his character. Samantha and Kajal have done their job correctly. Among the ladies, Nithya Menon strikes big with an emotionally powerful character. Vadivelu is back and yes his comedies have mostly clicked. Yogi Babu offers few fun moments too. Kaali Venkat is strong among the whole bunch of supporting artists. A.R.Rahman’s entire album is just great. His background music is exceptional and awesome in certain situations. Debutante G.K.Vishnu’s visuals are amusing and every shot looks so beautiful. ANL Arasu’s stunts seems to be a properly planned and perfectly executed ones. Art direction is stunning, be it the sets or accessories ‘Muthuraj’ has given his best. Costumes are so rich and refreshing for the eyes. Vijay looks remarkable in the vintage look and he has to be praised for working hard in the magician portion as the tricks feels to be so real. There are enough mass moments to satisfy or excite a Vijay fan. Also there are five solid scenes inside, the intro situation, TV channel interview, high voltage interval block, last 10mins in the flashback and the climax press meet scene. Atlee’s vision is really big and he has to be appreciated for inducing certain bold dialogues against the system. Also the emotional connect is high as the sentiment scenes are rightly placed. Visual Effects team deserves big round of applause for their quality work. Back story is touching and hence the revenge makes sense. Open ending is cheerful and pleasing.


Screenplay is partially slow with lot of details even for a small thing, it makes the film to lag at times. Also the duration of 170mins is too long for this movie and it should’ve been more crisper to be even more engaging. First half’s middle and initial scenes in flashback are sluggish and dragging too. Samantha and Kajal aggarwal doesn’t get proper importance and their roles fails to stay. Sathyaraj and Kovai Sarala could’ve been used in a better way with neat stuff. Sathyan and Motta Rajendran looks like force fits, even their absence would’nt make a change in the flow. There are some logic loopholes missing then and there in the movie. Couple of scenes are also quite unnecessary to the main context. Song placements could’ve been more apt, though they’re not rubbish. Being a double action, same old-school scene appears which is easily predictable. Some variation could’ve been shown in hair-style. Ruben’s editing is just average as he could’ve definitely chopped some 10-15mins for a stronger impact. During the progress, a reminder of some old movies came up to mind which dips the freshness. Road accident, baby birth scenes are taken in a raw manner which might tickle a few people. There are few questions which the film is responsible to answer. The two present timeline heroines are literally left over post interval.


Slow and could’ve been crisper, yet an entertaining package with neat direction, decent writing, strong performances and a swag Thalapathy.

Movie Rating – 2.75/ 5.

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