Cast: Vaibhav, Priya Bhavani
Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: Rathna Kumar
Producer: Karthik Subbaraj
Production company: Stone Bench Creations
Music directors: Santhosh Narayanan, Pradeep
Cinematographer: Vidhu Ayanna
Editor: Shafiq Muhammed Ali
Language: Tamil
Release date: 18-10-2017
Censor certificate: UA
Run time: 2hrs, 27mins
Genre: Romance, Comedy


Vaibhav is a singer in a local band. He is in love with Priya for 3 years but he never insisted to convey it to her. Priya gets engaged and Vaibhav decides to commit suicide due to love failure. What does Vaibhav’s best friends do at this situation and what happens after that forms the remaining story.


Rathna Kumar’s script which revolves around four main characters is good and whole plot is meaningful. His screenplay is decent which has few good emotional moments and lots of funny comedies appearing frequently. Dialogues are natural and at the same time packs a punch too. Vaibhav’s acting is matured and this role will be a break in his career. Priya is cute and has done a perfect job in her character. Vivek Prasanna is stunning as Vaibhav’s friend, his character had a superior level importance which inflates the film. Indhuja rocks as Vaibhav’s sister playing a vital role. Vaibhav’s another friend also does a crucial role in the initial half. Music directors have provided variety numbers to the movie and gives a pleasant experience. Vidhu Ayanna’s cinematography is solid and he has brought in the nativity of local Chennai on screen. Starting some time is extremely different and gives a feel that it isn’t a regular movie. The comedies spread then and there are the engagement factor of the movie. Friendship is conveyed on a strong note. Same way love is also told in a nice enjoyable way. Background music is fine as the scoring matches to the situations. Climax is feel-good and somewhat quirky too.


Rolling around just four characters, other artists struggle to get proper importance. Direction is okay it should’ve been much more better for this irregular romance drama. Vaibhav and Priya did not make merry till interval as Vaibhav’s friend & his sister gets more screen space and importance to play. Though we get to enter the theatre knowing it is a musical film, the placement of the songs needs to correct for any movie, but at few places this product fails to do so. Screenplay is extremely slow and the pace is in the tortoise speed throughout the film. Things get too complicated and over dragging towards the end. Also the conflict being usual and small, it gives a mixed feel after a limit. 147mins run time is way too lengthy for this film, editor Shafiq could’ve worked more on reducing the duration.


Meaningful characters, enjoyable at times but the length and sluggish flow makes it just a watchable outing.

Movie Rating – 2.5/ 5.

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