Cast: Kenneth Branagh, Penélope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Screenplay: Michael Green
Producers: Ridley Scott, Mark Gordon, Simon Kinberg, Kenneth Branagh, Judy Hofflund, Michael Schaefer
Production company: 20th Century Fox
Music director: Patrick Doyle
Cinematographer: Haris Zambarloukos
Editor: Mick Audsley
Language: English
Release date: 24-11-2017
Censor certificate: UA
Run time: 1hr, 54mins
Genre: Crime, Thriller


Kenneth Branagh is a superb smart detective. He takes a seat in the Orient Express to travel from Istanbul to London on an official trip. In the night, a passenger is murdered. How the detective resolves this murder mystery forms the remaining story.


Kenneth Branagh is apt as an intelligent detective, his peculiar look enrich his character. Johnny Depp gets a crucial role among the supporting artists and he has done it with ease. Script is decent powered by a solid back story to connect the knots. Second hour’s screenplay of Michael Green is engaging with few investigation sequences. The way Kenneth unties the mystery is shown well in the later half. The twist at the end is unpredictable and bang on target. Patrick Doyle’s background music is a splendid support system to the situations. Haris Zambarloukos’s cinematography is great and top-angle shots to explore the town is just awestruck. Art department stands out by perfectly keeping things up with the time-line. Performances of the entire cast is topical. The guessing of who’s the murderer builds up sweetly towards the end and maintaining the answer secretly till the end helps to hold the audience.


Except Kenneth Branagh and Johnny Depp, remaining artists have no big job to do even their screen space are good enough. They’ll should’ve given proper characterization to spice up the output. Lack of depth in their roles results in drop of impact. Film doesn’t gets to the point for the first 30mins, neither something happen related to the plot nor the characters gets established. Dialogues are not that great, more over the ones to define the detective are silly too. Kenneth Branagh’s direction is average, keeps giving the feel that something special is missing. There are continuity issues then and there. Film is supposed to be a realistic one, but way the show end up is extremely cinematic. The progression carries certain loop holes which are vanished only after the climax justification. Mick Audley’s editing is too simple and straight forward which dulls the watch a bit.


Spice-less, still a watchable suspense drama for its satisfying second hour.

Movie Rating – 2.5/ 5.

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