Cast: Aari, Ashna Zaveri, Masoom Shankar
Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: Mohamad Issack
Producers: Rajendra.M.Rajan, Punitha Rajan
Production company: Transindia Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Music director: Srikanth Deva
Cinematographer: E.J.Nauzad
Editor: S.Devaraj
Language: Tamil
Release date: 16-02-2018
Censor certificate: UA
Run time: 2hrs, 8mins
Genre: Horror, Thriller


Aari is in a hurry to conduct his sister’s wedding and the groom’s side have demanded him for jewels. He owns a family property which is a theatre located outside Chennai. And the ghost exist there, what is the reason behind it and how Aari finally sell the property forms the crux of the story.


Aari has given a decent performance. Masoom Shankar in an extended cameo had an important role to play. Athulya Ravi has done her job well. Director has to be appreciated for choosing a theatre as the ghost spot, which is quite fresh to hear. Isaak’s script has a social angle and it is enough to take a horror thriller finely. It was nice to see actress Latha after a long time on screen. Srikanth Deva’s songs are satisfactory, he has surprisingly given a pleasant melody. His background music also goes smoothly with the flow without any disturbance.


Ashna Zaveri is unwanted to the story, her love portions with Aari which appears in the beginning are extremely cliched with full of artificial ingredients. Isaak’s screenplay is unbearable as the flow has nothing new or engaging to offer, the sequences are very bad in a predictable manner too. There are some needless glamour quotient added which kind of spoils the name of the film maker. Dialogues are normal without any form of intensity just to fill in the space. Kaali Venkat’s character is poorly written, he has some cheap moments to share on screen too. There are plenty of painful elements like the priest drama, etc. Backstory is average but the way it has been shown is absolutely worthless. There are certain predictable twists which are revealed a decade after the answer is done. VFX technology is wasted as the budget seems to be the problem. Cinematographers haven’t tried anything fresh and so the impression is less. Editing lacks sharpness as many scenes are lagging and deserves to be chopped off from the movie. There’s literally no logic in the follow up or even in the things they squeeze on. Stunt choreography is completely out-dated with too many rope shots. A new character gets introduced for every scene in the later half, which literally examine the tolerance level. By fixing theatre as the ghostic spot, director could’ve shown a lot more variety in his writing rather than going in the regular template path.

TO CONCLUDE – An old-school horror thriller which is mostly filled with flaws.

Movie Rating – 1.5/ 5.

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