Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Mehreen Pirzada, Vikranth, Soori
Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: Suseenthiran
Producer: Antony
Production company: Annai Film Factories
Music director: D.Imman
Cinematographer: Laxman Kumar
Editor: Kasi Viswanathan
Language: Tamil
Release date: 10-11-2017
Censor certificate: UA
Run time: 2hrs, 10mins
Genre: Drama, Thriller


Sundeep Kishan is a calm and composed youngster who is loyal to his friends and family. His best friend Vikranth involves in a problem and puts himself in danger. How they solve it and save themselves from the issue forms the crux of the story.


Suseenthiran’s direction is decent, as usual he has packaged things up in a realistic way. His script is quite convincing, backstories for the conflict is also good enough to provide the impact. His screenplay is engaging post interval with some back to back interesting scenes and becomes the film’s savior. Dialogues are mostly natural, thus the connect develops. Sundeep Kishan is fit as a next door boy and has done his job comfortably. Vikranth holds up well as the hero’s friend and has got proper importance as the progress settles in his side. Was happy to see Harish Uthaman as a subtle villain, his characterization is powerful and the criminal ideas he executes are clever. Also his portions were gripping right from the beginning. D.Imman’s background music is apt for the situations and his evil baddie theme is crazy. Kasi Viswanathan’s editing is neat without interrupting the flow. Anbariv stunt masters continue to provide some high class fight sequences, climax turned intense with their help. Later half was on point with much diversions, also there was something quick happening over a period of time. Fact that Police helping out the protagonist had a satisfying justification at the beginning itself. Sundeep’s sister in the movie had good scope for acting. The hero-villain game towards the end heated up the scenes to an extent. Relevant social messages about medical errors sprayed over by Sundeep through dialogues are clap worthy. Friendship was shown on a good note which will be liked by the youngsters. Long action chase in climax leaves out on a high also the scene after that is reasonable.


A full hour to set the pitch is unacceptable, it felt the story did not even take-off till interval. First half’s screenplay is extremely slow and completely hesitates to enter the core. Too many dialogues are changed during dubbing process, hence there are lip-sync issues throughout. Heroine Mehreen Pirzada is just a force fit to the movie as there would be no difference without her, also she was poor with her lip sync. Harish Uthaman’s artificial beard disturbs his look a lot. Sundeep’s mother character is an old-school one who over-reacts knowing that her daughter is in love. Soori’s comedy fails to click, thankfully he did not overdo. Harish Uthaman’s sidekicks misses out to shine as they are given weak roles and less screen space. Logic loopholes do pop-out then and there. Few side artists are left over as it is without a conclusion. Other friends in the hero’s gang like Appukutty just appears and leave with no base. Leaving the starting trouble aside, the abrupt intermission block after a build-up is just disappointing. D.Imman’s songs could’ve been lot more better, also the placements were truly disturbing the progression. Love portions between Sundeep and Mehrin are just speed-breakers, like these few more unwanted portions could’ve been easily scissored. Plain open credits without scenes is old fashioned and no one has that much patience nowadays. Laxman Kumar’s cinematography is just average, sad to see few aerial shots are blur. Lack in public control while shooting lead to few interfere in a road scene.


Once watchable for its engaging latter half.

Movie Rating – 2.5/ 5.

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