Cast: Dinesh Master, Manisha Yadav, Yogi Babu

Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: Kaali Rangasamy

Producer: Mohamed Aslam, N.Aravindan

Production company: Film Box Productions

Music director: Joshua Sridhar

Background music: Deepan Chakravarthy

Cinematographer: Mahesh Muthuswamy

Editor: Gopi Krishna

Language: Tamil

Release date: 25-05-2018

Censor certificate: U

Run time: 2hrs, 15mins

Genre: Drama


Dinesh Master is a corporation trash collector. He weds Manisha Yadav who is from a tidy hill station. What happens in their lives after marriage forms the remaining story.


Dinesh Master’s character is very innocent and he has maintained it perfectly till the end. Manisha Yadav is gutsy as she has done a role with grey shades, her acting is convincing too. Yogi Babu  scores with his funny counter punches in spite of less screen space. Kaali Rangasamy’s intent is simple, yet pleasing with strong characterizations. Screenplay is good and natural till interval. Direction is not exceptional but neat work from a debutante. Dialogues are overall good, certain places have crisp yet powerful words. Joshua Sridhar’s songs are very much pleasing, apt for the situations. Background music is also a big strength to the flow. Mahesh Muthuswamy’s camera work contains complete clarity, angle spots are fine. Basement is stiff and it is easy to connect with the content. Emotions build well and the impact is hard whenever there’s a serious situation going through. Climax is superb with touching stuff.


Treatment could have been little different to bring out a much better quality product. Supporting artists lack depth,so their portions are bit unworthy. Second half turns monotonous, not only the execution, it was evident that the writer struggled to move forward the story. There are also plenty of melodramatic moments which show up in the later part. The breaking point which forces to make some important life decisions are missed out without showcasing. Casting could’ve been better for the villain role. Some unwanted scenes pop-out all of a sudden which doesn’t affect the script. Editing is just satisfactory, cuts are not really attractive. Also the movie might have been more engaging if things were crisper. Also the movie drags to huge extent towards the end. ‘U’ certificate is totally not fair for such complicated matter discussed.

TO CONCLUDE – An emotional drama that is neat till halfway, but turns melodramatic after that.

Movie Rating – 2.5/ 5.

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