PARI Movie Review

PARI Movie Review

Cast: Anushka Sharma
Director: Prosit Roy
Writers: Prosit Roy, Abhishek Bannerjee
Producers: Anushka Sharma, Kamesh Sharma, Prernaa Arora, Arjun.N.Kapoor
Production company: Clean Slate Films, KriArj Entertainment, Lyta Productions
Music director: Anupam Roy
Background score: Ketan Sodha
Cinematographer: Jishnu Bhattacharjee
Editor: Manas Mittal
Language: Hindi
Release date: 02-03-2018
Censor certificate: A
Run time: 2hrs, 14mins
Genre: Horror, Thriller


Anushka Sharma becomes a poor innocent lonely girl after her grandmother is dead in a road accident. She is affected by some supernatural powers in the house she lives in. What happens after this sums up the story.


Anushka Sharma’s strange and silent character is quite a surprise, maintaining it for the whole movie is huge plus too. Her performance is outstanding, it needs some real guts to take up a tough role like this. Male lead is subtle and fine with his part of work. It was good to see Rajat Kapoor in an unique character with a complete different get-up. Ketan Sodha’s background composition is effective and elevates the movement of the movie. Jishnu’s camera work is also good without using any artificial lights in most of the shots.


Prosit Roy’s script has some different ideas, but absolutely lacks to convey what it came to say. Screenplay is poor with countless irrelevant sub plots, unwanted characters and dramatic deviations. Except a few, dialogues are weak which fails to express things with reality touch. Direction is a big collapse, many portions are badly transferred to screen. Ugly elements are filled throughout that saddens the watch, adding up needless stuff like gory sequences are present throughout the movie. Make-up team has actually faked the whole thing by making the frames with too much blood. Anupam Roy’s music is not so impressive. Editing job looks like a lethargic one here as there are many scenes which deserves to be cut. Sitting through the entire movie is a painful process as the show dulls out in the progress. Over exaggeration sequences provide nothing but irritation. Even taking up a ‘not familiar’ idea, the emotional structure remains the same.

TO CONCLUDE – Even Anushka Sharma’s matured performance could not save this ugly, brutal and sad supernatural dark thriller.

Movie Rating – 1.75/ 5.

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