Cast:      Keerthy Suresh, Linga, Madhampatty Rangaraj

Story, screenplay, & Direction: Eashvar Karthic

Produced by: Stone Bench Films – Karthik Subbaraj

Music director: Santosh Narayanan

Cinematographer: Kharthik Palani

Language: Tamil

Release date: 19-06-2020

Run time: 2hr : 12mins

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Story :

Rhythm leading a happy life and about to give birth for second child is actually traumatized by the nightmares in which she sees an umbrella man in the form of Charlie Chaplin earlier harmed her lost son, She sets off on a dangerous journey along with her trained dog Cyrus, to reveal the secrets about the nightmares she is experiencing and save her son find out the mystery man.

Performance :

Keerthy Suresh gives a matured performance as the mother of a child and pregnant women, Apart from her Dog Cyrus and Linga is the one artist who gives a noteworthy performance. The rest of the cast is filled out with under-performance where they look so amateur in delivering the dialogues and expressing the emotions which distract us from the proceedings of watching the film.

Review :

Penguin has an exciting premise and fairlead which helps to kick-start in a positive note, where the first half of the film quite an engaging thriller travel with characterization and emotions are conveyed well despite some logical mistakes which have few surprises turns and twists holds our attention till the interval, whereas second half completely fails to engage with the dysfunctional screenplay. When it comes to thriller genre where the screenplay has to be tightened and engage us till climax but whereas this journey makes doubt and utterly frustrating finish at the climax. Penguin disappoints, debutant Eashvar Karthic fails to engage the film over his predictable screenplay & weak characterization makes it an okayish watch

Crew :

Santhosh Narayanan music is the biggest plus of the film where the mood maintained throughout the film and chilling score that is emotionally inclined, The cinematography Kharthik Palani gives a stunning visual and the way Kodaikanal showcased is exceptionally well which provides an eerie feel to the film

Overall :

Keerthy Suresh Performance and the technical aspects are the biggest positive whereas the second half of the screenplay makes the huge film bummer, First half of the film was interesting whereas writing and execution with a predictable twist over climax make second half completely down, One time watchable.

Movie Rating – 2.5/ 5.

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