Cast: Domhnall Gleeson, Rose Byrne
Director: Will Gluck
Story: Beatrix Potter
Screenplay: Rob Lieber, Will Gluck
Producers: Will Gluck, Zareh Nalbandian
Production company: Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation
Music director: Dominic Lewis
Cinematographer: Peter Menzies Jr.
Editor: Christian Gazal
Language: English
Release date: 06-04-2018
Censor certificate: U
Run time: 1hr, 35mins
Genre: Comedy, Drama


Domhnall Gleeson temporarily moves to the countryside of London to his uncle’s property to sell it. He disturbs the life of few lovely rabbits. How they team up and fight him is the crux of the story.


Director’s presentation is legible, therefore harmless. Plot is simple, familiar but fun to watch. Dialogues are quirky, and the characters of the rabbits are enjoyable to experience too. Certain scenes are entertaining, especially the portions between the rabbits and the hero. Domhnall Gleeson’s acting is fine, and characterization is interesting. Rose Byrne is totally contrast to the hero’s role, hence pretty much decent. Dominic Lewis’s background music is pleasing for the respective moments. Peter Menzies Jr.’s camera work is nice, he did no unnecessarily complicate things. Christian Gazal’s editing is to the point, he makes no trouble to the flow. Animation is so cool; the rabbits look amusingly great and lovely. VFX, set work team have done their job correctly.


Script is heavily inspired from the famous ‘Alvin And the Chipmunks’, hence lacks freshness. Screenplay is average, goes well on partial places but the steady engagement is missed. Nowhere the film emotionally attaches its content with the audience, and so there is a mixed feeling throughout the movie. Also, the impact is too low as characters are not effective enough. Logic factor is completely lost, so the movie becomes artificial after a while. Maturity doesn’t exist in the picture, seems like the target is only for the children. Comedy works only at certain parts; hence the watch isn’t relishing.

TO CONCLUDE – A light time pass entertainer that could be apt for the kids.

Movie Rating – 2.5/ 5.

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