Cast: Jyothika, K.Bhagyaraj, R.Parthiepan, Pratap.K.Pothen, Pandiyarajan, Thiagarajan

Story, screenplay, & Direction : J. J. Fredrick

Produced by : 2D Entertainment – Suriya

Music director: Govind Vasantha

Cinematographer: Ramji

Editor: Ruben

Language: Tamil

Release date: 29-.05-2020

Run time: 2hr, 03mins

Genre: Crime, Drama

Story :

A resident in Ooty named ‘Petition’ Pethuraj reopens a case from 2004 that involved a serial killer named ‘Psycho Jyothi’ who was convicted for the kidnapping and murder of multiple children. Venba, Pethuraj’s daughter and a passionate lawyer, seeks to unveil the truth. Venba has to face another lawyer appointed by a politician Varadarajan. While enquiring it comes to light that Venba is Jyoti’s daughter and Jyoti isn’t the murderer.

Performance :

Jyothika does her best to fit into the character of a lawyer. Her role has several layers, and she portrays them well on screen. Her dialogue delivery and dubbing have improved a lot, however, we felt there were some flaws during the emotional sequences. The biggest saving grace for the film is the ensemble of supporting actors, including Parthipean, Bhagayaraj, and Prathap Pothen, who delivered measured performances, which elevated the script.  Parthipean’s witty dialogues keep you tickling without sweeping it into the boring range.

Review :

This film has an inquisitive premise for a courtroom drama, with a fine backdrop. But the main problem with the script is that it is highly predictable and the manner in which the director has narrated is unexciting. Except for a few dialogues, there aren’t any moments where the film manages to surprise (the twists, too, are easily predictable). But it was brave of the director to present a film with a social message… the film delves into the issues our society faces like rape, honor killings, kidnapping, child-abusing, and sexual abuse. And for that, we give a big thumbs up for the director to showcase the issues in a sensitive manner.

Crew :

Govind Vasantha songs and BGM didn’t create much impact. At some portions, we even felt that it disturbs the narration. This only comes as a surprise from the much-expected music director. Ramji’s camera work is the biggest plus. His cinematography has showcased the film exceptionally well, with the breezy OOTY as the backdrop.

Overall :

With the buzz the film created being the first Tamil biggie to hit on OTT has got enough attention from the audience, the film, though, fails to live up the expectations. The film neither creates an impact nor leaves with a feeling of watching a good courtroom drama. Well, this is an okayish courtroom drama film.

Movie Rating – 2.5/ 5.

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