SKETCH Movie Review

SKETCH Movie Review

Cast: Vikram, Tamanna
Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: Vijay Chandar
Production company: Moving Frame
Music director: S.Thaman
Cinematographer: M.Sukumar
Editor: Ruben
Stunts: Ravi Varma
Language: Tamil
Release date: 12-01-2018
Censor certificate: UA
Run time: 2hrs, 18mins
Genre: Action, Romance


Vikram is a thief who steals vehicles and sells it for money. He involves in a problem with a local rowdy which puts him and his gang of friends in danger. How he tackles and overcome this problem forms the remaining story.


Vikram’s screen presence is completely in a different level swag, everything he does in the film is just ultimate. Vijay Chandar’s script is decent though its quite regular. The way he has shaped up the mass scenes are lovely and hits the bulls-eye. Three friends of Vikram in the movie have got somewhat proper roles to play. Thaman’s songs are pretty good and his melodies give a pleasant feeling. His background music elevates Vikram’s charisma and the main theme is so exhilarating. M.Sukumar’s camera work is nice, he has shown Vikram in a great admiring manner. Ruben’s editing is fine, certain transformation cuts are quite impressive. Ravi Varma’s stunts are cinematic yet matches the commercial mood. Few macho portions that pushes heroism have come out really well and those elements will surely attract Vikram fans. Climax twist is a little different and the message conveyed through it is a much needed one.


Vijay Chandar’s direction is the main problem here, looks like his work doesn’t have grace in it. Screenplay is weak without any exciting stuff, also it follows the outdated template of a mindless masala movie. Flow is predictable and hence the intensity level completely settles below the line. Dialogues are very normal and fails to pack the punch. Tamanna has a wide presence but her score is at the bottom as she has nothing to do over the story, also her portions suffocates the pace and makes the show a boring one. There are too many songs to handle and none of them appear for a satisfactory reason. Villain group is the biggest joke of the film, situations made and scenes sketched are poor & misses to transfer the seriousness. The Police investigations are out of the taste, creates zero impact to the progression. Also there are huge number of baseless moments which are present just to bundle up the screen. Family side of few characters are shown and even Vikram’s portion are silly. Soori appears for sometime without any motive, he doesn’t offer any laugh too. Same way R.K.Suresh and his sidekicks have needless roles. Film seems to be a long one too because there are plenty of portions with absence of content.


Usual run of the mill commercial pot-boiler which will satisfy Vikram fans.

Movie Rating – 2.25/ 5.

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