SOLO Movie Review

SOLO Movie Review

Cast: Dulquer Salmaan, Neha Sharma, Sai Dhanshika, Sruthi Hariharan, Arthi Venkatesh
Direction & story: Bejoy Nambiar
Screenplay: Anjali Nair, Bejoy Nambiar, Karthik.R.Iyer, Sreedevi Krishnan
Dialogues: Karthik.R.Iyer
Producers: Bejoy Nambiar, Anil Jain
Production company: Getaway Films, Refex Entertainment
Music directors: Abhinav Bansal, Agam, Govind Menon, Masala Coffee, Prashant Pillai, Sez On The Beat, Siddharth Menon, Sooraj Kurup, Yotam Agam
Cinematographers: Girish Gangadharan, Madhu Neelakandan, Sejal Shah
Editor: A.Sreekar Prasad
Language: Tamil
Release date: 05-10-2017
Run time: 2hrs, 32mins
Censor certificate:
Genre: Romance, Action, Drama, Thriller


It’s an anthology that reforms water, wind, fire and earth. Four completely different stories which has no links other than Dulquer Salmaan doing the lead role in all the four.

World Of ‘Shekhar’:-

The backdrop is water. Dulquer’s look is completely fresh with long hair. His performance is the best of all four as his role tends to be one. Sai Dhanshika’s acting is so real and her character is beautifully written. Space is less for Sathish, but scores with two or three one line punches. The emotional connect which this script gives is extremely high and even brings out tears at the end. Chemistry between Dulquer & Dhanshika stands lovely. John Vijay impresses despite of a tiny role. Art direction is fabulous by treating the scenes with water matching the core. The color tone is mostly blue indicating its backdrop. Screenplay is just wonderful with so many sentiments conveyed in a heart touching manner.

World Of ‘Trilok’:-

The backdrop is wind. Dulquer looks very innocent with a round specs and that has helped big time when his other shade is revealed. Arthi Venkatesh gets only a mini role but her character gets established in that little time. Two baddies played gets proper importance and their characters are justified perfectly. Emotions play a topical role here and drama quotient gets interesting in the progression. The revenge is easy to relate as the happening is shown in a bang on way. The whitish color tone is pleasant and the hill locals are superb. Screenplay starts in an odd manner but picks up the line shortly. The reasons are also conveyed in a satisfactory manner to make the viewers believe in the show.

World Of ‘Shiva’:-

The backdrop is fire. Dulquer is perfect as a gangster, his expressions are rough and tough to suit the role. Sruthi Hariharan as his wife portrays her character neatly. Dulquer’s younger brother has got good importance and shocks at the end. The core plot/ reason for the murder is strong and thus the progress is justified. Blood splashes are well executed. Gangster’s life is shown in a realistic way. But taking up a gangster story makes this part a normal one. Emotions are not greatly composed like the rest. Also when a gangster material comes up, usual things like a loud wife, powerful ruler automatically pops out. Screenplay is Okay but on the whole this chapter looks long and a bit dragging.

World Of ‘Rudra’:-

The backdrop is land. Dulquer is neat as a military man, his character is also bold in spite of a serious surrounding. Neha Sharma is awesome and her character is modern as well. Scenes between Dulquer and Neha have come out well and their romance is very cute. Nasser and Suhasini as Dulquer’s parents comes in vital roles. Nasser leads the pack with his character twist which hits the punch line. It offers lot of fun at the end too. The mass elements is high and it would be a treat for the star’s fans. Costume work drives out finely. Color tone is brown and green which showcases the land concept. Main conflict is quite cinematic and the twist seems to be somewhat a force fit addition.

In Common:-

Dulquer uplifts in each of his roles and has shattered all the stereotypes by choosing this film. Bejoy Nambiar’s has found the pulse perfectly, hats-off to him for trying something very different and he has rocked to the fullest in his direction. Karthik Iyer’s dialogues are good and enhances the situations correctly. Cinematographers have worked ambitiously which is evident in every frame of all the worlds. Sreekar Prasad’s editing is great and his mighty work has helped out vastly. All the eleven songs are exceptional and deserves top spot in the playlist, in which ‘Roshomon’, ‘Dhevadhai Pol’ and ‘Singa Kutty’ surpasses the remaining numbers. Background score is also brilliant, unique compositions and silently left over at the required places.


Totally a worthy refreshing experience which creates a new wave with an unique idea, heartfelt moments & wonderful music.

Note – Respecting this experimental product, we’re not restricting the film by rating it.

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