Cast: Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Octavia Spencer
Direction & story: Guillermo del Toro
Screenplay: Guillermo del Toro, Vanessa Taylor
Producers: Guillermo del Toro, J.Miles Dale
Production company: TSG Entertainment
Music director: Alexandre Desplat
Cinematographer: Dan Laustsen
Editor: Sidney Wolinsky
Language: English
Release date: 16-02-2018
Censor certificate: A
Run time: 2hrs, 3mins
Genre: Romance, Drama


Sally Hawkins is mute and works as a cleaner in a secret Government research laboratory. A creature which can only survive with water is made there, what happens when the innocent woman develops a relationship with it forms the crux of the story.


Guillermo del Toro’s is sweetly romantic on one side and gives the ‘what next’ tension on the other side. His direction is classy which consists of all the quality goods. Screenplay moves in an unhurried pace, but transfers the emotion to the viewers in the mean time. Dialogues are matured and neat without any fumble. The chemistry between the strange creature and the heroine is beautiful to watch in the later portions. Surroundings picked to move the story and characters which tightens up the screw are the biggest plus points. Sally Hawkins’s performance enriches her role wonderfully. Michael Shannon is haunting as the villain, both his acting and character design were great. Octavia Spencer is impressive as the supporting lady in the initial moments. Alexandre Desplat’s music is pleasant, he has given a peaceful feeling in the love portions. Camera work, editing and other technical aspects stand out by being extremely satisfying. Strong situations formed in the proceedings are high, hence the excitement lives up. The thrill elements raise drastically towards the end when the chase begins.


Scenes between Sally Hawkins and Richard Jenkins are kind of slow and fails to push the flow forward. It takes time for the main plot to pick up at first, also adding up the cinema hall stuff felt a bit unnecessary. Shortcomings appear when certain important sequences are cut purposefully just to avoid unnecessary questions.

TO CONCLUDE – Superb unique dramatic fantasy tale with plenty of thrilling and emotional moments.

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