Cast: Karthi, Rakul Preet Singh
Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: H.Vinoth
Producers: S.R.Prakashbabu, S.R.Prabhu
Production company: Dream Warrior Pictures
Music director: Ghibran
Cinematographer: Sathyan Sooryan
Editor: Shivanandeeswaran
Language: Tamil
Release date: 17-11-2017
Censor certificate: UA
Run time: 2hrs, 37mins
Genre: Action, Thriller


Karthi is a sincere and serious Police Officer who narrates the ‘Highway Dacoity Case’, which is one of the toughest operation held when he was a DCP during early 2000.


H.Vinoth’s direction is very neat and he has balanced the reality & cinematic space perfectly. Kudos to his research work about the criminal activities, Police operations and investigation methods. Detailing he provides us linking with old India, etc are nothing but never heard before stuff. His script is good, built based on true events. Screenplay is also packaged well with a measured mixture of romance, sentiment, action and thrills. Dialogues are also tidy, a few bags in some claps as well. Karthi is superb fit as a tough cop and he has done a great job. Rakul Preet is extremely cute and she gets a comfortable screen space in the first half. Abhimanyu Singh does well as the villain and he is also apt. Bose Venkat comes along as a decent supporting artist. Since the time period is around 2005, it was a relief without the much seen technology atrocities and it made the progression easily connectable. Scenes are tightly packed post the romance portion till interval, also races up steadily. Investigation scenes in both the halves, hard work of the cops shown in the latter are wonderful. Ghibran’s background music travels as a back bone to the flow. Cinematographer Sathyan Sooryan’s work is excellent, be it the night shots or the long top angles, his work offers the viewers a visual treat. Shivanandeeswaran’s editing is praise worthy especially in the initial half. Stunts are solid, the powerful action choreography has made the villains look stronger and also the highway chase in the second half is absolutely stunning. Art direction and set work departments have properly concentrated to maintain the mentioned time period with perfection. Facts stated about the society, politics and Police officers are damn true. How a complicated/ serious nation-wide Police operation will carry through is shown in a realistic manner. Karthi’s fans also have few mass moments to enjoy and importantly the film works out well in the commercial perspective too.


Taking us all back to Karthi’s early life by narration just for a namesake reason wasn’t really helpful. Rakul Preet’s character end is predictable even in the first half, also showing it in an abrupt way reduces the impact as well. Film takes its own time to arrive to its core as the romance track portion was stretched for a long time. Also after a point, the cute love scenes became boring and over-cinematic. Sathyan has nothing much to do, sadly he gets a very little screen space to share. Some logic loopholes appear then and there to disturb the reality feel. Except ‘Sevatha Pulla’, other Ghibran’s songs in this movie fails to satisfy, and almost every song is like a speed-breaker to the progress mainly ‘Tinga Tinga’ which was an unwanted item number in the later half. Very few sequences had a little more heroism than the required proportion. Also there are few scenes where Karthi is force fitted to be highlighted as the hero. Most of the second half happens at Rajasthan, the casting is efficient as the faces are all North Indians but few dialogues are in Tamil and few are in Hindi, which was really disturbing the mind. Characterization of the villain and his gang is a little weak as the film concentrates more on the Police side. Film looks a bit long on the whole, 157mins is quite too much. Also the film is dragged towards the end to an extent. Climax could have definitely been a lot more better, not only the case closing but also the present life of Karthi could’ve shown much well.


An engaging cop action thriller which meets well both with reality and commercial space.

Movie Rating – 2.75/ 5.

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