Cast: Prasanna, Bobby Simha, Amala Paul
Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: Susi Ganesan
Producers: Kalpathi.S.Aghoram, Kalpathi.S.Ganesh, Kalpathi.S.Suresh
Production company: AGS Entertainment
Music director: Vidyasagar
Cinematographer: P.Chelladurai
Editor: Raja Mohammad
Language: Tamil
Release date: 30-11-2017
Censor certificate: UA
Run time: 2hrs, 31mins
Genre: Romance, Thriller


Bobby Simha and Amala Paul are husband and wife. Prasanna is a cyber criminal who have secret relationship with many girls through Facebook. What happens when Prasanna enters into Amala’s life forms the remaining story.


Director Susi Ganesan’s work stays in the trend and its tidy throughout. Script is pretty good and homework made to sketch the sub plots has to be appreciable. Screenplay is engaging especially till the break point with lot of interesting elements. Dialogues are very powerful and the smartness in the writing is proven by some crisp/ sharp dialogues. Bobby Simha has carried the film well by leaving a decent performance. Amala Paul is good in her role and pleases the viewers with her acting. Prasanna is a proven talent who shines perfectly whenever he appears. All the three lead characters are superb strong and that has made the flow to impact easily. Many life facts are shown boldly also in enjoyable manner. Vidyasagar’s songs are quite satisfying and pleasant too after a long time. His background music supports the situations properly and does the needful. P.Chelladurai’s camera work is good and made the visuals look beautiful. Art work is excellent and the base for it which the script carries has given the freedom for them to implement things accordingly. Technology is utilized cleverly and it has helped the movie to progress in a steady pace. Few important scenes are handled with care which creates a tension in the surrounding. Some twists are written neatly which brings out the surprise factor, mainly the interval block. Chemistry between Bobby Simha and Amala are refreshing and their flashback portions are sweet too. Criminal activities and the execution of few complicated things clicks the reality box. Climax ends with a positive note which enriches the characters.


Susi Ganesan himself appears as a detective, his role looks convincing at the beginning but after a point it turns out to be monotonous and cinematic. Screenplay in the second half is average, nowhere it is boring but things become way too long in the progression. 2.5 hours is also a big hurdle to make us sit through, editor should’ve worked on it in a better way. Song placements act as speed-breakers and pauses the flow. Film takes some time to settle the major plot, so the opening 30mins is somewhat slow. Film takes a path away towards the end with an unnecessary travel and feels like it could’ve ended somewhere in the middle of the later half itself. The dragging portions close to the climax is doubtful to engage the audience. And Bobby Simha suffers to show up things normally in few crucial scenes. Stunt choreography could’ve been a lot more better as few fight sequences between Bobby and Prasanna doesn’t packs the punch.


A definitely watchable engaging outing with a share of thrills and emotions which has a neat first half and a long second half.

Movie Rating – 2.75/ 5.

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