Cast: Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Tackwell
Director & writer: Martin McDonagh
Producers: Graham Broadbent, Pete Czernin, Martin McDonagh
Production company: Blueprint Pictures, Fox Searchlight Pictures
Music director: Carter Burwell
Cinematographer: Ben Davis
Editor: Jon Gregory
Language: English
Release date: 23-02-2018
Censor certificate: A
Run time: 1hr, 55mins
Genre: Crime, Drama


Frances McDormand’s teenage daughter is raped and murdered. But the Police haven’t cracked anything regarding the case. Angry mother sets up three billboards outside the town questioning the Police department. How this issue becomes viral and what happens next forms the remaining story.


The seriousness of rape is shown very well by writing a note-worthy script which carries the emotional anger of a wounded mother. Screenplay completely sticks to the content from the word ‘Go’. Dialogues are on point and truthful to the matter discussed. Martin McDonagh’s direction is clever, he’s done a bold job on explaining an important matter. Francis McDormand’s performance is fantastic, her character is justified at the opening scene itself. Not only hers, but also the characterization of her relatives in the film is superb. Woody Harrelson and Sam Tackwell are impressive in the good roles given to them. Ben Davis’s camera work is a scream to watch, the difficult nights shots have handled nicely. Expressing stuff via billboards gives the freshness. ‘Rape is a Sin’ and how painful it is to a woman is conveyed from the beginning in a non-preachy way. Climax is truly exceptional and the way it is narrated is splendid too. Message told is a much needed one, especially for the youngsters. Mistakes of the Police department have pin-pointed correctly.


Two or three scenes in a club and very few characters appear to be deviations from the core plot. Carter Burwell’s background music could’ve been much more better, he’s left many portions silent. Editing could’ve been sharper by trimming some sluggish sequences in the flow.

TO CONCLUDE – Neatly written emotional crime drama which holds plenty of strengths in the proceeding.

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