TOMB RAIDER Movie Review

TOMB RAIDER Movie Review

Cast: Alicia Vikandar
Director: Roar Uthaug
Story: Evan Daugherty, Geneva Robertson Dworet
Screenplay: Geneva Robertson Dworet, Alastair Siddons
Producers: Gary Barber, Graham King
Production company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Music director: Junkie XL
Cinematographer: George Richmond
Editors: Stuart Baird, Tom Harrison-Read
Language: English
Release date: 09-03-2018
Censor certificate: UA
Run time: 1hr, 48mins
Genre: Adventure, Thriller


Alicia Vikandar is Lara Croft whose father leaves her behind in her teenage and go to Japan in search of ‘Himiko’ which is said to be a mysterious myth. After several years, the girl finds certain details about his father’s place, she starts her search which is filled with plenty of dangerous adventures, etc.


Alicia Vikandar’s superb fit and very active on screen, her performance is also good and even some minute expressions are lively. Roar Uthaug’s direction is neat and his presentation suits the genre very nicely. Script writers have concentrated properly in their paper work which replicates perfectly on screen. Some of the adventure elements are enjoyable and excites quite a bit while watching. Mr.Croft (Lara’s father) and Vogel (villain) have got worthy roles to play and they’ve also justified it correctly. Base work is strong as the initial moments covers up the routine life of the heroine finely. Junkie XL’s background music adapts to the situation, hence it works out easily. George Richmond’s cinematography is great, he has captured the high voltage chase sequences and the long dark cave portion at the end wonderfully. Stuart Baird and Tom Harrison Read’s editing is crisp and finishing things at a run time of 108mins falls as a big plus with respect to the engaging factor. Make-up, costume and hair style departments done their jobs in an highly convincing manner which results in the enrichment of the main lady. Stunts are solid, the fight and chase scenes have been choreographed with so much passion. Lead to the second part is with a purpose, thus clicks.


Screenplay could’ve been a lot more better and sad to have let go a good story by taking things lightly. Dialogues are average and some of them are even abrupt. Alicia Vikandar travels alone in most of the parts, so the film misses to impress as a wholesome product. There are certain force fit dangerous obstacles set in the travel and it over exploits the cinematic liberty. Some serious situations and the most vital scene of the heroine finding her father is shown in a lethargic manner, thus the spice drains out so quickly. There are also some over-heroic moments with strikes out the logic box. The drama is actually weak as there are no sufficient load to create an impact with the father-daughter relationship. Comedy tried at few places are just trial and error. Visual effects are not bad but honestly it did not meet up to the standards of an high quality picture. 3D experience is also quite dull. Flow dips at some portions and struggles a bit to carry forward.

TO CONCLUDE – Watchable adventure ride which has its own hits & misses, might go well with the kids and family audience.

Movie Rating – 2.5/ 5.

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