TRUTH OR DARE Movie Review

TRUTH OR DARE Movie Review

Cast: Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey
Director: Jeff Wadlow
Story: Michael Raisz
Screenplay: Michael Reisz, Jillian Jacobs, Chris Roach, Jeff Wadlow
Producers: Jason Blum
Production company: Blumhouse Productions
Music director: Matthew Margeson
Cinematographer: Jacques Jouffret
Editor: Sean Albertson
Language: English
Release date: 20-04-2018
Censor certificate: A
Run time: 1hr, 40mins
Genre: Horror, Thriller


A group of friends visit a bungalow situated at Mexico for their vacation. Over a night, they all play the game of ‘Truth or Dare’. What happens when the playful situation turns serious for their lives, forms the remaining story of the movie.


The gaming concept is worth to convert as a movie as the rules are interesting. Jeff Wadlow’s direction is neat to an extent, he has made few portions thrilling with his quality work. Lucy Hale’s performance is good and added strong value to the essence of the film. Other artists were also a decent support along the flow. Matthew Margeson’s background music conveys the characters feeling nicely to us. Editing is somewhat sharp as the overall duration is short. Stunts are powerful and raw, connects well despite of the usual template. After the core plot is reached, few scenes gave fine impact because of the mysterious happenings. Ending is different and lives as the best part of the whole movie.


Michael Reisz’s script is extremely feeble, though the idea is intense. The base line is completely old, and a crashing bore. Bringing in the regular horror element without any strong motive for the problems lets down the film. Post halfway, the movie had nothing to offer and the progression’s movement was so dull. The secret thoughts in between relationships are kept just for a commercial purpose which had a poor result as the way of expression was cheap. The suspense factor zeroes towards the finish as the movie becomes highly predictable. Screenplay is average overall, and the excitement was on the low phase throughout. Camera work is ordinary, path he chose to convey certain things are childish.

TO CONCLUDE – Gripping concept but the game becomes sad as the base is very weak.

Movie Rating – 2.25/ 5.

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