UL KUTHU Movie Review

UL KUTHU Movie Review

Cast: Dinesh, Nandita, Bala Saravanan, Sharath Lohitashwa
Direction, story, screenplay & dialogues: Caarthick Raju
Producers: G.Vittal Kumar, G.Subhashini Devi
Production company: PK Film Factory
Music director: Justin Prabhakaran
Cinematographer: P.K.Varma
Editor: Praveen.K.L
Language: Tamil
Release date: 29-12-2017
Censor certificate: U
Duration: 2hrs, 7mins
Genre: Action, Drama


Bala Saravanan is a fisherman who builds up himself as a rowdy. Dinesh becomes his friend saying as an innocent. One day, Bala Saravanan involves voluntarily in a problem with villain’s sidekick. What happens after the hero interferes in this issue forms the remaining story of the movie.


Caarthick Raju’s direction is neat, way he has treated certain important scenes and backdrop are appreciable. Script is a revenge subject, the situations and the different flavor given to it makes the main plot convincing. Dialogues connected with emotions and conflicts are good, realistic at times too. Dinesh’s performance is matured, he has shown nice variety during both silent and action moments. Sharath Lohitashwa and the guy who acts as his son have done a pleasing job in negative roles, their dialogue delivery were really strong. Sriman, John Vijay and Chaya Singh shines in the supporting artists list, sentiments revolving around their characters clicks correctly. Justin Prabhakaran’s songs are pleasant and appears as relief. His background music is also quite decent and moves along with the flow. P.K.Varma’s cinematography is solid and acts as a pillar to the film’s visuals, locations are the highlight. Dhilip Subbarayan’s stunts packs up the punch, fight scenes meets with reality and the mass portions actually work out. The main concept that comes in the flashback connects well with the present social issue. Climax closes up well with a proper justification. Art direction is efficient as the boat manufacture places looks realistic.


Screenplay is extremely usual and the path chosen to execute the script falls as a weak point. The films is absolutely predictable, hence the twists that takes place fails to give an impact at the revealing time. First half is too slow and during the interval, there is a feeling that nothing much has really happened in the game so far. Nandita Swetha’s role is feeble, she does zero difference with her presence. Bala Saravanan bores the cinematic experience by his annoying dialogues in the name of humor and he has exceeded exaggeration limit in many areas. There are some logic mistakes during the villain’s sidekicks discussions in the second half. The main baddie’s character could’ve been stronger, as he believes whatever Dinesh says after a point of time. Praveen.K.L’s editing is quite average as there were some continuity issues. Chef Dhamodaran’s role is totally unnecessary to the script.

VERDICT – With a better screenplay, it would’ve been a decent revenge drama. Still watchable.

Movie Rating – 2.5/ 5.

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