VEERA Movie Review

VEERA Movie Review

Cast: Krishna, Iswarya Menon, Karunakaran
Director: Rajaraman
Producer: Elred Kumar
Production company: RS Infotainment
Music director: Leon James
Cinematographer: Kumaran-Vignesh
Editor: T.S.Suresh
Language: Tamil
Release date: 16-02-2018
Censor certificate: A
Run time: 1hr, 58mins
Genre: Action, Comedy


Krishna and Karunakaran are eager to become top gangsters in their living area under the support of politicians. How they are trained and achieve their aim forms the remaining story.


Krishna has improved with his dialogue delivery which has conveyed things gently. Director Rajaraman’s intent is right by doing proper research of the actual line that has been taken. Situated in the local ‘kuppam’, dialogues are raw and uplifts the nativity factor. Leon James has given two decent songs, the opening number and the pleasant romantic. He has tried to develop momentum with his background music. Camera work is pretty good and the cinematographers have given what the movie requires. Title card which explains the context is impressive. One or two scenes picks up pace with commercial elements.


Director Rajaraman has come up with a satisfactory subject, but the way he has handled is poor with no spice. Direction is tedious which totally misses the attractive elements. Screenplay is monotonous and travels at a very random pace. The destination is clear, but the path to it is too weak and boring. Karunakaran appears in each and every scene, but he stays idle without doing much. Radha Ravi, Thambi Ramaiah fails to impress as supporting artists as their characterizations are dull. Heroine Iswarya Menon is needless to the script, she has been added just to please the commercial audience. There are countless number of side actors who just fill up the space with no necessity. There is too much of violence in the action scenes which doesn’t generate any intensity to the flow. T.S.Suresh’s editing is plain and many scenes required some sharp cuts to be engaging. The emotions are actually confusing, as for a long time there was a doubt whether Krishna and Karuna are real gangsters or they’re trying to do a joke here. Song placements are bad, they pauses the proceedings and tests the patience. Logic loopholes are plenty, they hardly hit out mind and disturbs the believing factor.

TO CONCLUDE – Opens well but completely loses the substance with a pointless progression.

Movie Rating – 1.75/ 5.

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