Cast: Sivakarthikeyan, Nayanthara, Fahad Faasil
Direction & screenplay: Mohan Raja
Story: Mohan Raja, Subha
Dialogues: Mohan Raja, N.Baskaran
Producer: R.D.Raja
Production company: 24 AM Studios
Music director: Anirudh
Cinematographer: Ramji
Editor: Ruben
Art director: T.Muthuraj
Stunts: ANL Arasu
Language: Tamil
Release date: 22-12-2017
Censor certificate: U
Run time: 2hrs, 39mins
Genre: Drama, Thriller


After a series of impactful incidents in Sivakarthikeyan’s life, he fights using his brain against the packed food manufacturing companies whose products are dangerous for human health.


Mohan Raja’s direction is really smart in presenting scenes with nuances. Script taken in hands is less touched in Tamil Cinema and providing a strong base to it packs the punch. Screenplay is thoroughly engaging as the sequences and situations are mostly strong. Dialogues are bang on, also it really makes us think and realize few daily facts. Mohan Raja has clearly understood that cinema is a visual medium, hence he has shown each and every element clearly. The research team have to be praised for bringing in so much detailing about the content. There are various moments which links well with the heart, emotions are neatly placed in right mix. Small twists kept between many scenes is a great move to make the flow interesting. Delivering much needed social messages to the public by using FM as tool is just brilliant. Food manufacturing sequences are taken well and shown in a proper manner. Explanation of the marketing strategies for various products are very clever. Sivakarthikeyan fits into a complete serious role for the first time effortlessly, his performance and dialogue delivery are so mature. Nayanthara has played her part correctly. Fahad Faasil gets a vital character and he has done it with extreme passion as always. Prakash Raj is a local rowdy who gets the impact right. Sneha appears in a measured role but she strikes with sentiments. Sathish and Robo Shankar have helped by offering hearty laughs. There are big number of supporting artists and they all have got efficient character roles in the game. All the songs from Anirudh in the movie are good and ‘Karuthavalaam Galeejaam’ is a craze to watch with some splendid dance movements. His background music also builds up and elevate the situations nicely. Ramji’s camera work is solid and he has given quality visual output to the treatment made. Ruben’s editing is neat, nowhere there’s a disturbance in the cuts given by him. Muthuraj’s set work is superb and accessories placed are also effective to the background. Climax is well made and will be an eye-opener to people.


Nayanthara’s character starts with a raising graph but later on her role just falls flat as she doesn’t have much to do in the progress. Among the bunch of supporting artists Charlie, RJ Balaji and Madhusudhan Reddy seems to be given quite weak roles when compared to the others. Five to ten minutes in the middle both the halves had some lags with couple of plain scenes fitting to the drama quotient. Also the film’s intensity drops down at that places. So there come a feel that few elements could’ve been crispy to enrich a better experience. ‘Uyire’ song placement was not so satisfactory as it did not gel well with the flow. In the commercial angle, logic mistakes do take place at some areas. There are presence of certain not so important things which could’ve easily been avoided. And could not avoid few portions giving a so much of talking feel. There are places where the film appears to be somewhat preachy. The duration is quite high, 159mins felt a bit long and the length could’ve been reduced to 10mins.


Strong socially responsible noble content delivered in a gripping way. Go for it.

Movie Rating – 3/ 5.

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