Vijay Sethupathi – KS Ravikumar – Sathyaraj Joins for a new venture

Vijay Sethupathi – KS Ravikumar – Sathyaraj Joins for a new venture

No pay for anyone in the film a new venture from Vijay Sethupathi and KS Ravikumar.

It looks like KS Ravikumar is returning to Tamil cinema. Reports suggest that the veteran filmmaker will be joining hands with Sathyaraj for a film for the first time. This project will be jointly produced by veteran producer RB Choudary, Film Distributor, and Theatre Owners Association President Tirupur Subramaniam and veteran Producer Pyramid Natrajan and it is said that the film will also have Vijay Sethupathi and Parthiban playing cameos.

If a film succeeds, the film’s producer, actor, director, and the technician will all benefit. But if the same film fails, only the producer of the film will bear the loss. A new initiative in the Kollywood industry is currently underway to change this situation. Accordingly, the actor, actress, director, technician, who is in the film will not be paid. Only two crores of rupees will be spent on filming. The film will be completed and released in theaters in 60 days – 30 days for shooting and 30 days for post-production.

The entire business of the film should be divided among the actors, actresses, directors, technicians, and everyone else in the film according to their work for the film. Super Good Films RB Choudhury and Theatre Owners Association President Tirupur Subramaniam will take this new initiative.

Interestingly, the film will be produced on a profit-sharing basis, which means that Ravikumar and Sathyaraj, Vijay Sethupathi, Parthiban will get a share from the profits and distribution, instead of a salary. The makers have planned a 30-day schedule with a two-crore budget. This untitled project will hit the theatres first, and OTT a hundred days after.

According to Kollywood Sources, If this new venture becomes successful, a new scheme of salary based on the business for the films will be implemented and there will be no profit or loss will be faced from the individual producer alone.

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