Cast: Santhanam, Tara Alisha Berry, Motta Rajendar, Sowcar Janaki, Anand Raj

Story, Screenplay & Direction: R. Kannan

Produced by: R.Kannan

Music director: Radhan

Cinematographer: N. Shanmuga Sundaram

Language: Tamil

Release date: 14-11-2020

Run time: 1hr: 46mins

Genre: Comedy Drama


Dharmarajan (Narean) who has been making biscuits on a small scale, succeeding in his business and wants his son Raja ( Santhanam ) to head the company and take into big scale business. But, Dharmarajan expired because of fate. Following this, Dharmarajan’s business is taken over by his friend Narasimhan (Anandraj). Now, Raja grows up as a worker in a biscuit company that was founded by his father. Raja, who is also close to the occupants of a nursing home, gets close to the newcomer Janaki (guardian angel) walks into his life and tells a story that changes his life.


Santhanam has proven again he is the best when it comes to entertaining audiences with his one-liners along with his comedy team Motta Rajendar & Manohar chemistry works well. Lead Actress Tara Alisha Berry doesn’t have much screen time & work in the film. Although there are two heroines in the film, their character does not come to mind. Sowcar Janaki amma as the guardian angel & grandmother has a good screen time whose backstory is a mystery. Anand Raj’s comedy villain role is another major plus for the film.


Director Kannan has completely taken the story along with the screenplay from Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories and narrated through Biskoth. Grandmother narrated Bedtime Stories and became a babysitting caregiver. The hotel business has become a biscuit business. Kannan has changed what was in a Hollywood movie like it is suitable for Tamils. The screenplay is not strong. The main scenes that are supposed to impress the fans just pass by. Also, the film gives a feel of a skit more than watching a film.


Radhan music & BGM along with the visuals of Shanmuga Sundaram didn’t go well along with the film. As the story demands a strong crew team along with extravaganza visuals this fails and makes it okish. The major plus of the film is cuts by Selva RK as the duration is just 106 Minutes.


Watching Santhanam counter to tell the other characters is like watching Lollu Saba’s new episode. But the sad thing is that biskoth is not as enjoyable as Lollu Saba.

Good & Watchable Entertainer for Diwali!

Movie Rating – 2.5 / 5.


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