Irandam Kuththu MOVIE REVIEW

Irandam Kuththu MOVIE REVIEW

Cast: Santhosh P. Jayakumar, Daniel Annie Pope, Karishma Kaul, Akrithi Singh, Motta Rajendar, Ravi Maria

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Santhosh P. Jayakumar

Produced by: Flying Horse Pictures

Music director: Prasad S.N, Dharan Kumar

Cinematographer: Ballu

Language: Tamil

Release date: 14-11-2020

Run time: 2hr : 00mins

Genre: Adult Horror Comedy


A sexually-starved spirit traps two couples who went on a honeymoon in Bangkok & The spirit wants one of the two men to have an intimate relationship. How they manage to escape from the trap.


Director Santhosh P. Jayakumar makes the worst debut as an actor, his expressions and acting skills looks too amateurish; Other cast members like Daniel Annie Pope, Ravi maria, Motta Rajendran, and the lead actress in the film are clueless and completely out of the box. Irandam Kuththu has been completely wasted in terms of performance and writing.


After the humongous success of IAMK (first part) at BO, followed by the success Director Santhosh P. Jayakumar announced the sequel of IAMK as Irandam Kuththu fails to miserably to impress. As the genre insists adult comedy horror this has failed to entertain as the template which has been set in the first part of this movie totally sinks down. The film completely deviates from the first part and too much of Skin show after a point of time it makes a terrible watch. The writing of the film looks out to lame and filled with double meaning dialogues which offend not just the actors in the film also the audiences. IAMK was a complete entertainer & enjoyable film. But Irandam Kuththu asks a big question to the audience that what’s there to enjoy here!


Not just the cast, Even the Crew of the Irandam Kuththu has let the film complete down. Songs & BGM don’t even fit well into the film, especially songs are terrible and DOP ballu work fails to give a visual treat. Technically the movie fails big time.


The film completely didn’t do justice as a sequel, Not at all entertaining even at parts. There is only one truly scary moment, and it comes right at the end – when the film sets up another sequel!

Pathetic & Fails miserably to Entertain!

Movie Rating – 1 / 5.

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