Ka Pae Ranasingam MOVIE REVIEW

Ka Pae Ranasingam MOVIE REVIEW

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Aishwarya Rajesh, Rangaraj Pandey, Munishkanth, Bhavani Sre

Story, Screenplay & Direction: P. Virumaandi

Produced by: Kotapadi J. Rajesh

Music director: Ghibran

Cinematographer: N. K. Ekambaram

Language: Tamil

Release date: 02-10-2020

Run time: 2hr: 57mins

Genre: Drama


The story revolves around the wife Ariyanachi who fights to bring back the dead body of her husband Ranasingam; who expired away in Dubai; Where the corporate company who refuses to hand over the dead body of Ranasingam to his family, where Ariyanachi discovers the Corporate politics and some shocking truth behind the demise of her husband.


Aishwarya Rajesh portrays the protagonist in the film where she excelled in her performance; she steals the show huge applause where the dignity in the portrayal of Ariyanachi will make you travel with emotions throughout the film. Her character goes through various stages of emotions that have expressed which gels well along in the film, Second half fully packed with bold and brave performance. Extended Cameo by Vijay Sethupathi as Ranasingam is noteworthy.  Rangaraj Pandey and Bhavani Sre are the good choices for the supporting characters deliver a decent performance.


The movie is based out on a true incident; Hard-Hitting moments are the pillar of the film which connected well with audiences. The difficulty faced by labourers family to bring back a dead body from foreign countries to India a completely new plot. Ariyanachi who has the thirst to see the corpse of her husband the emotion she takes you through the second half is the heart and soul of the film. Ka Pae Ranasingam is the kind of film that is well-meaning, filled with concern for the common man. On the term of Narration could felt could have been trimmed little and duration is the primary drawback. Duet songs and Fight scenes which glorify heroism can be avoided which felt odd to this film. This film Boldly exposing agricultural problems, people’s troubles, social tragedies. Focus is wavering on the main plot, subplots are incomplete.


Filmmaker P. Virumandi deserves a huge applause for thinking and executing a powerful plot pulled over with a social cause, Along with him Shanmugam Muthusamy who penned some powerful dialogues which makes the film noteworthy! Ghibran RR gels well more than the songs which are quite unwanted and unheard. NK Ekhambaram captures the beauty of the dry land of Ramnad through his lens with pain and we can feel the emotions of the lead.


Ka Pae Ranasingam is one of the BEST content released in OTT. A Hard-Hitting & a strong content along with a power pack performance along with strong dialogues makes a noteworthy film.

Go for the Stellar Performance & Story for an Emotional Ride.

Movie Rating – 3 / 5

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